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@  TheMightyMol... : (18 September 2018 - 06:03 AM)


@  Whirl Maximus : (18 September 2018 - 02:25 AM)

"huh?" 'chuckle' in every reaction shot. That's all I remember of Armada.

@  Paladin : (16 September 2018 - 07:36 PM)

if youre looking for sympathy its in the dictionary between shit & syphilis.

@  TheMightyMol... : (15 September 2018 - 03:10 PM)


@  Rycochet : (15 September 2018 - 11:56 AM)

Due to it's concentrated lousiness, even small doses of Energon will age you, yes.

@  Lazy Garou : (15 September 2018 - 10:32 AM)

unicron trilogy video was great, but made me feel a hundred years old.

@  wonko the sane? : (12 September 2018 - 07:32 AM)

Awesome. Good job man.

@  Lazy Garou : (11 September 2018 - 09:30 PM)

cleaning up, mostly.but the little plastic piece where the power cable hooked up was broken. That I managed to put back together.

@  Patch : (11 September 2018 - 04:48 PM)

So he also has White Castle-like qualities?

@  TheMightyMol... : (11 September 2018 - 02:23 PM)

Just keep him away from the plumbing, he's really hard on the pipes.

@  RichardT1977 : (11 September 2018 - 01:22 PM)

Overlord has some castle-like qualities to him

@  wonko the sane? : (11 September 2018 - 12:15 PM)

Fix it, like, found a working power adaptor, or fix it like: there was saudering involved.

@  Lazy Garou : (11 September 2018 - 11:58 AM)

that feeling when you fix something and works like a dream. we now have a working snes in my house and I have tested 10 games on it and they all work.

@  Arazyr : (11 September 2018 - 10:44 AM)

...Now I want a Transformer that turns into a castle.

@  wonko the sane? : (11 September 2018 - 09:37 AM)

You should be careful man, lots of allsparkers life in castle law states. It's a good way to get shot you know.

@  ▲ndrusi : (11 September 2018 - 09:35 AM)

Which house? Mine? Dammit I thought I locked my door!

@  GrungeWerX : (11 September 2018 - 01:20 AM)

GrungeWerX in tha HOUSE!!! WOOT!!

@  TM2-Megatron : (10 September 2018 - 11:54 PM)

There's been consistently good sc-fi flicks; most just fly under the radar as lower-budget or indie pictures

@  Steevy Maximus : (10 September 2018 - 09:28 PM)

If you can forget about that garbage Ghost in the Shell feature...

@  Steevy Maximus : (10 September 2018 - 09:27 PM)

Upgrade is a GREAT dark sci fi throwback film. Kind of feels like the genre has been nailing some good stuff after a LONG time of drek

@  Sabrblade : (10 September 2018 - 06:34 PM)

Hey, Steve is a Vehicon!

@  abates : (10 September 2018 - 04:44 PM)

I thought it was spelled "Stege".

@  Arazyr : (10 September 2018 - 02:10 PM)

So, "I before E, except after Siege"? :D

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (10 September 2018 - 01:59 PM)

Memorandum to all: the word "siege" is spelled with the "i" before the "e".

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (08 September 2018 - 12:55 PM)

Happy birthday to Star Trek and Star Trek: The Animated Series!

@  MEDdMI : (08 September 2018 - 07:55 AM)

*smacks TMM upside the head*

@  TheMightyMol... : (08 September 2018 - 02:51 AM)

& Knuckles.

@  Pennpenn : (07 September 2018 - 11:01 PM)

Re: Coded?

@  Waspinator : (07 September 2018 - 09:14 PM)

Final Fantasy: The Movie: The Game: Pocket Edition HD Boogaloo

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (07 September 2018 - 01:03 AM)

Funny thing is, I think the pocket edition graphics give the game more personality.

@  MEDdMI : (06 September 2018 - 11:10 PM)

Final Finception

@  Waspinator : (06 September 2018 - 10:29 PM)

They've made a PS4 version of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition. For those keeping score, it's the PS4 version of a smartphone version of a PS4 game.

@  wonko the sane? : (05 September 2018 - 09:20 PM)

Ah HA! turns out the trick to installing the rift software was to run it as an admin. Stupid windows 10.

@  wonko the sane? : (05 September 2018 - 04:58 PM)

Awright! I got the display port working! Which means I can now connect my occulus rift!

@  MEDdMI : (04 September 2018 - 10:38 PM)

*just stares*

@  Noideaforaname : (04 September 2018 - 09:36 PM)

Hello there

@  wonko the sane? : (04 September 2018 - 09:06 PM)


@  RichardT1977 : (03 September 2018 - 07:11 PM)

Or just a set of arms and shoulder cannons that combined Legends Godbomber with CW Optimus.

@  RichardT1977 : (03 September 2018 - 07:10 PM)

I still wish someone would make an upgrade kit for Combiner Wars Optimus that transformed from a trailer to a set of limbs with Powermaster shoulder cannons...

@  NotVeryKnightly : (03 September 2018 - 09:48 AM)

I read that as "Basilisky" for some reason.

@  Anonymous X : (03 September 2018 - 03:45 AM)


@  MEDdMI : (02 September 2018 - 11:53 AM)

My bar is the nuttiest around

@  wonko the sane? : (02 September 2018 - 11:10 AM)

Down to the pico second if you believe my atomic clock... you nutbar. :)

@  MEDdMI : (02 September 2018 - 10:55 AM)

60 seconds exactly?

@  wonko the sane? : (02 September 2018 - 10:46 AM)

Oh wow, I got timing. Literally a minute after I get home, it starts to rain.

@  wonko the sane? : (02 September 2018 - 10:43 AM)

Well, I'm kind of flipped to you. Weather wise it's been a ridiculous, humid, sweltering summer. Event wise, it was okay. Not going to complain about what happened.

@  Pennpenn : (02 September 2018 - 07:49 AM)

Weather-wise I mean. Event wise it's been utter shit and I'm glad it's over so it can go jump in a shit-fire and die.

@  Pennpenn : (01 September 2018 - 08:54 PM)

This winter wasn't so bad this year.

@  wonko the sane? : (01 September 2018 - 07:12 PM)

Considering how much sleep I lost to this miserable summer: would it really be so much to ask?

@  Patch : (01 September 2018 - 06:54 PM)

You really think you're going to get to sleep through an entire month?


Transmetal Rattrap with Dinobot

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#1 D Buster Prime

D Buster Prime

    Timeout. Do I convert?

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 02:29 PM

  • Spinning Cyber-Slash Tail Weapon
  • Dino-Saber Sword
  • Optic Lasers
  • Battle-Whip Blade (Rattrap)
  • Demolition Charges (Rattrap)
Dinobot and Rattrap aren't sure of how exactly they warped into the competition, but they assume that the best way of making it back before Megatron irreparably alters the timeline...or in Dinobot's case, before he runs out of time to finally decide whether he wants to stop Megatron from irreparably altering the timeline.
Although Dinobot would never admit so out loud, he really appreciates the versatility of Rattraps new dragster vehicle mode. Although relatively small compared to other competitors, the dragster is extremely Energon-efficient and can run for many cycles in between refuelings, perhaps long enough to last the entire tournament.  His diminutive stature also provides great maneuverability, allowing him to quickly weave around opponents and obstacles. The pointed tip of Rattraps tail can be used to pierce through vulcanized tires of opponents with Terran vehicle modes. Rattrap also comes equipped with sticky bombs that can set on a timer or remote detonated to blast through obstacles. They could also be stealthily planted on other vehicles, if Dinobot stops complaining long enough to allow Rattrap sneak up on them. 
Meanwhile, Dinobot's tail rotor provides offensive attacks with the devastating power of food processors named after Japanese warriors.  Further, when held directly above his head, the tail rotor can allow the duo to slowly hover towards the ground after jumping off ramps or leaping across chasms. Dinobot's sword, with its counter-rotating segments, can cause horrific damage to the internals unfortunate enough to cross into its path. If Dinobot's gaze itself isn't piercing enough, his eye-beams will be certain to win any staring contests with other drivers.
In contrast to Rattrap's rather benign appetite for garbage, when Dinobot converts to his velociraptor beast mode, his hunger for raw organics may prove to be especially dangerous to the humanoid partners of many Cybertronians in the competition. Velociraptors are notoriously even more dangerous when hunting in packs. Hopefully none of Dinobot's velociraptor clones have also warped in.
Will Dinobot manage to remain a Maximal long enough to assist Rattrap through to the end? Will Rattrap ever shut up? Find out in March Mayhem!


He's on your side...except when he isn't!



#2 Wheelimus


    And we're back to meh

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 09:45 PM



Reporting to you from inside the remains of Grandus, now the official Beast hangout on Cybertron. It's where Rattrap and Dinobot have spent the last 24 hours convalescing from their brutal semifinal conquering of the Beast Wars agreeably sized citystate. Now they're resting, planning, and trying to figure out how to make Biggie Smalls shut up. It seems there's still a bit of Grandus left running the town even if a Transformation is off the table.


You may be expecting some witty quip about dying from Rattrap but these games and the burden forced to bear seem to have changed him. "Mmm we're all dead inside anyway so what's one more death" before laughing in a way that you sense a broken thought processor might be mixing it up with crying or screaming. Rattrap has seen things now y'all, the kind of things you can't unsee.


Dinobot, who knows, I haven't gotten a word out of the bot and I gotta get going to make sure some Bald German Man hasn't camped out right in front of my seats. Chopper Face is currently doing the same thing he was doing when I got here - meditating. But you and I both know that when the finals begin the killer will be back online.


We'll leave it to Grandus to give us the send us home quote, still protesting his quasi death. "No more cocoa leave-io, one two three - one two three, all of this to me, is a mystery. I hear you motherhugers talk about it but I stay seein bodies with the motherhugin chalk around it. And I'm down with the shit too for the stupid motherhugers wanna try to use Kung-Fu snstead of a Mac-10 he tried scrappin, slugs in his back and, that's what the hug happens", one can only assume thinking that swords of won't match plain old Seeker fury. Only time will tell and we're just an hour away from the thrilling conclusion of March Mayhem IV!

...was there really any doubt which team I'm supporting this year? :D


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