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@  wonko the sane? : (06 June 2020 - 10:55 AM)

I mean, still addicted to minicons...

@  -LittleAutob... : (06 June 2020 - 10:46 AM)

Energon and Cybertron WERE boring... and Starscream was just messed up in those shows....

@  Cyoti : (06 June 2020 - 10:01 AM)

a toyline searching for a story

@  TheMightyMol... : (05 June 2020 - 07:47 PM)

Eh. It had a few ideas that could've been interesting. They just never went anywhere because it was easier to have Megatron brainwash everyone.

@  Nevermore : (05 June 2020 - 07:41 PM)

Energon's biggest problem is that it was made.

@  Paladin : (05 June 2020 - 05:15 PM)

remember when Energon had to switch animation styles because their CGI models were completely incapable of expressing emotions ?

@  Thundercrack... : (05 June 2020 - 04:42 PM)

And what was done to Demolisher to a lesser extent.

@  Thundercrack... : (05 June 2020 - 04:34 PM)

Energon's biggest problem is what it did to Starscream.

@  TheMightyMol... : (05 June 2020 - 04:00 PM)

I mean, they took all of that and the series is still dull enough to use as a sleep aid, so....

@  wonko the sane? : (05 June 2020 - 02:46 PM)

It's a food source, a weapon and so unstable that looking at it funny makes it explode. If energon is boring, blame the writers not the element.

@  TheMightyMol... : (05 June 2020 - 02:17 PM)

Energon's big problem is that it's boring.

@  Maximus Ambus : (05 June 2020 - 01:48 PM)

Double post ignore.

@  Maximus Ambus : (05 June 2020 - 01:44 PM)

Energon was the worst of the lot.

@  Bass X0 : (05 June 2020 - 05:39 AM)

"I know I can't catch you.... but I can... trap you...!"

@  Maximus Ambus : (04 June 2020 - 11:51 PM)

They dubbed reaction shots and running scenes in the first two UT shows with "huh?" and grunts. very annoying.

@  Sabrblade : (04 June 2020 - 06:10 PM)

Watch it in Japanese with English subs. Karyuudo did all that work for us so that we could. ;)

@  wonko the sane? : (04 June 2020 - 06:08 PM)

I tried... but it just wasn't that good. The comics were better.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (04 June 2020 - 04:07 PM)

I didn't even watch Armada when it originally aired.

@  -LittleAutob... : (04 June 2020 - 01:52 PM)

Anyone watch Armada anymore ._.

@  JRSBill : (03 June 2020 - 01:06 PM)


@  Maximus Ambus : (03 June 2020 - 04:14 AM)

UBI is coming.

@  -LittleAutob... : (02 June 2020 - 09:30 PM)

I can just HEAR his screechy G1 voice saying that....

@  -LittleAutob... : (02 June 2020 - 09:30 PM)

*Dies laughing* XDDDDDD

@  TheMightyMol... : (02 June 2020 - 07:01 PM)

Megatron's coupon has failed! Now I, Starscream, shall speak to your manager!

@  -LittleAutob... : (02 June 2020 - 06:39 PM)

(i just want to make jokes excuse my doing)

@  -LittleAutob... : (02 June 2020 - 06:38 PM)


@  Steevy Maximus : (02 June 2020 - 06:31 PM)

And there was no one there when I started!

@  Steevy Maximus : (02 June 2020 - 06:31 PM)

I swear, I'm in line to use a coupon, there is something wrong with said coupon, and suddenly I'm holding up a line of 3 or 4 people

@  -LittleAutob... : (01 June 2020 - 12:15 PM)

Ha! Talk about getting away with something!

@  Maximus Ambus : (01 June 2020 - 09:08 AM)

Carnivac was still an evil Decepticon at heart, and no one shot him in the back for it.

@  -LittleAutob... : (30 May 2020 - 06:52 PM)

*stares at the light switch* .... I see what you did there

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (30 May 2020 - 01:40 PM)

*hands llittleautobot1218 a light switch* There you go.

@  -LittleAutob... : (30 May 2020 - 10:53 AM)

I feel a need to lighten up the mood.... ;)

@  -LittleAutob... : (30 May 2020 - 10:38 AM)


@  Maximus Ambus : (30 May 2020 - 02:14 AM)

Shockwave did it.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (30 May 2020 - 12:21 AM)

I'm not in the US and at least some of the episodes seem to work for me. I don't know the actual list of places it's available, though.

@  Shockwave 75 : (29 May 2020 - 10:37 PM)

Unfortunately It seems Cyberverse is only available in the US on YouTube.

@  -LittleAutob... : (29 May 2020 - 09:19 AM)

Yes, and its ongoing.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (29 May 2020 - 01:05 AM)

Cyberverse is already officially uploaded to YouTube.

@  fourteenwings : (29 May 2020 - 12:36 AM)

Spin Master is abridging current episodes of Bakugan Armored Alliance and posting the result on YouTube. Maybe Hasbro does that someday too.

@  -LittleAutob... : (28 May 2020 - 10:59 PM)

I see... :/

@  wonko the sane? : (28 May 2020 - 08:14 PM)

Within the US anyway. Those channels aren't easy or cheap to access in other countries, and their website often region lock content. Tubi is the only good thing on that list: largely identical (but not perfectly so. Damnit. I wanna watch COPS.) country to country and free.

@  Steevy Maximus : (28 May 2020 - 07:24 PM)

So yeah, Hasbro is using plenty of venues to spread exposure of their brands

@  Steevy Maximus : (28 May 2020 - 07:23 PM)

Starz currently licenses Transformers G1 and the GI Joe movie (as well as MLP specials). Netflix has more current series available.

@  Nevermore : (28 May 2020 - 07:21 PM)

Study shows: Holders of the title "world's oldest person" have a severely increased risk of dying.

@  Steevy Maximus : (28 May 2020 - 07:18 PM)

Tubi TV and Youtube both host various Hasbro cartoons. Both are freely accessed and ad supported. Any basic TV package (barring straight antenna) includes channels like USA Network, SyFy and FX, all of which regularly air the films from Transformers and GI Joe.

@  wonko the sane? : (28 May 2020 - 06:18 PM)

I dunno what to tell you, media might be changing slowly, but at least it's still accessible. Even the folks that DON'T get one of the streaming services can watch it on the company website. It's a vehicle for the toy line after all, they need to make an effort to make it as consumable as possible.

@  -LittleAutob... : (28 May 2020 - 05:41 PM)

Well. Thats said, then.... I guess... :doh

@  wonko the sane? : (28 May 2020 - 04:13 PM)

As long as the the cartoons are profitable, then they'll make more. The media it's shown on is completely irrelevant. I say that as a guy whose earliest surviving memory is a big red truck turning into a big red robot.

@  ZakuConvoy : (28 May 2020 - 03:06 PM)

Might be the end of an era. With the rise of streaming, who knows if Transformers will ever be on broadcast TV again.

- - - - -

Hi-Res G2 Bumblebee & Adventure Photos

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#1 Powered Convoy

Powered Convoy

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:37 PM




Attached Thumbnails

  • 61f1dKnl4bL._SL1100_.jpg
  • 61XRe5Q-9wL._SL1100_.jpg
  • 61GHpIjcUYL._SL1100_.jpg
  • 71s4XQoM4qL._SL1100_.jpg
  • 712qkMfjP3L._SL1100_.jpg
  • 715Z8gX1c+L._SL1100_.jpg
  • 71SN42zBbtL._SL1100_.jpg
  • 61bbFvTCsgL._SL1100_.jpg

Edited by Powered Convoy, 25 January 2015 - 10:39 PM.


#2 News Team

News Team

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:37 PM

Amazon Japan has updated their website with hi-res images of the upcoming Masterpiece MP-21G G2 Bumblebee as well as images of the Adventure lineup.† These images give us our best look at the figures thus far.† Of note is several closeups G2 Bumblebee and his accessories.† Click Read More to see the photos of G2 Bumblebee.

Discuss the news on our forums.

MP-21G G2 Bumblebee
TAV01 Bumblebee
TAV02 Grimlock
TAV03 Strongarm
TAV04 Steeljaw
TAV05 Fixit
TAV06 Underbite
TAV07 Roadblock
TAV08 Greenjeeper
TAV09 Swoop
TAV10 Slag
TAV11 Bloody Knockout
TAV12 Dreadwing
TAVVS01 Bumblebee VS Steeljaw
TAVVS02 Grimlock VS Greenjeeper
TE01 Bumblebee
TE02 Grimlock
TE03 Sideswipe
TE04 Prowl
TE05 Junkion



View the full article

#3 Buster Darkwings

Buster Darkwings
  • Citizen
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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:49 PM

Looks pretty sweet.  Kinda sucks that there's no exo suit recolor (and only a -500 yen difference in MSRP), but I guess there's not many things it could be recolored into, and I'm not sure if I'd want another one with just a different head.

#4 MrBlud


    Goes down smooth...

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:09 PM

That silver face looks so much better I'm buying two to give them to my regular MP Bumblebee.


Not even joking.


#5 Sabrblade


    Continuity Nutcase

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:13 PM

Still can't imagine what, if anything, Swoop's deco is based on.

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Its just arrogant laziness to know you're spelling a word incorrectly and not correct yourself or ignore the advice when people do tell you how to spell a word correctly.

#6 Walky


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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:46 PM

According to the Amazon description of Roadblock, his Targetmaster partner is called "cool weapon is also included."

#7 ExVee


    That Kup, he is a Chear

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:48 PM

He's probably related to Live Only To Destroy Our Mutual Enemies. Traditional Nebulan names are weird.

#8 Walky


    King Kong Aventure Fudge

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:00 AM

I've decided the Targetmaster is named after the OTHER Roadblock.  Hey, the big Roadblocks' colors don't match precisely either!

#9 Moroboshi


    Longtime member, sometimes lurker

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:03 AM

The "Adventure" versions of the show characters look great with the extra paint details and I currently have plans to wait for 'em. Steeljaw gets added personality for sure with the eyebrows, and I really prefer the shade of yellow on 'Bee. Strongarm also needed that white on her head. I'm also excited for an RID/Car Robots character as well as the prospect of adding another female Decepticon to the Prime-verse! (I always forget that that the Vehicon Crasher that I bought from Cheets isn't one of the official releases when counting female 'Cons in my Prime display--among whom I like to include FSS Slipstream, too.) 

#10 Cheetimus Primal

Cheetimus Primal

Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:31 AM

I wish he were chrome gold but whatevs... GIMME!

#11 unluckiness


    Kazuma desu

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:52 AM

Dunno if I want G2 Bumblebee, since it's not as different as Sideswipe was but he looks nice. Not to mention significantly cheaper than every other MP release so far.

Edited by unluckiness, 26 January 2015 - 04:01 AM.


#12 lastmaximal


    Cyber Key Power...linx!

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 03:18 AM

Still thinking of a repurpose for Bloody Knock Out, since I'm not sure I can call him that with a straight face. Then again, I don't think I have a Knock Out yet and this is preferable to the red/green BH deco.

Virtually every custom as good as the title suggests!



    Mode-locked Monsterbot

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 05:31 AM

Looks pretty sweet.  Kinda sucks that there's no exo suit recolor (and only a -500 yen difference in MSRP), but I guess there's not many things it could be recolored into, and I'm not sure if I'd want another one with just a different head.

I suppose Daniel (Thunder Arrow pilot ver.) would've been an entertaining option...

#14 The Phazer

The Phazer

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 05:48 AM

Looks pretty sweet.  Kinda sucks that there's no exo suit recolor (and only a -500 yen difference in MSRP), but I guess there's not many things it could be recolored into, and I'm not sure if I'd want another one with just a different head.


They could have done the red and blue Marvel comics version of the suit.

#15 RCX

  • Retired Staff
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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:13 AM

I wish this would have been Goldbug.  Watching 'Bee become Goldbug back in 87 (TRoOP) is a crisp and great memory for me.  I have no affinity for G2.

Edited by RCX, 26 January 2015 - 06:13 AM.

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#16 Nevermore


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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:27 AM

This is an insane lineup even for TakaraTomy standards.

AOE Power Battlers and One-Step Changers mixed with RID One-Step Changers and 3-Step Changers? Animated, Beast Hunters and Generations Thrilling 30 redecos mixed with RID Warriors and One-Step Changers? Sure, why not?

Seriously, did someone at TakaraTomy look at the AOE Walmart exclusive Deluxe/Legion two-packs and think "Hey, we can do better than this"?

Also, what is this I don't even
61R79qQzw8L._SL1100_.jpg 61rgC8wTN-L._SL1100_.jpg

Edited by Nevermore, 26 January 2015 - 06:31 AM.

Big thanks to my dad for playing along with this visual recreation.

#17 Jenny

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:43 AM

I love redecoes from lines that aren't even slightly related.

#18 Axaday

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:45 AM

Oh, Blud is right about the silver face.  But I'm just going to put one of the silver faces he comes with on my G1 and put the toy face on G2.  That's the only face "G2 Bumblebee" ever had anyway.


I hope they will do a red G1 version.  And a yellow (not orange) one would be cool too.

#19 unluckiness


    Kazuma desu

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:50 AM

Also, what is this I don't even

Combiner Wars Scrapper? :p




    Mode-locked Monsterbot

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 07:04 AM

Also, what is this I don't even attachicon.gif61R79qQzw8L._SL1100_.jpgattachicon.gif61rgC8wTN-L._SL1100_.jpg

An indication of the toy's transformation and/or general complexity for the benefit of parental buyers, I'd assume.