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@  wonko the sane? : (26 September 2020 - 04:09 PM)

On an unrelated note: I just got the BBTS email about kingdom pre-orders... and even the stuff I don't want I'm perfectly willing to get if it means I can have the rest of it.

@  wonko the sane? : (26 September 2020 - 04:08 PM)

It's digimon. So first one, then the other.

@  TheMightyMol... : (26 September 2020 - 12:53 PM)

50/50 odds, it's either a helicopter with limbs, or a scantily-clad human with heli blades on their back. If female, 90% odds on the second one.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (26 September 2020 - 12:39 PM)

I read that as "Helicoptermon" and wondered what kind of Digimon that was.

@  Bass X0 : (26 September 2020 - 12:35 PM)

Helicopter-mom, transform!

@  Maximus Ambus : (25 September 2020 - 11:58 PM)

Aw I scratched the hood of my 35th anniversary Bluestreak. Fortunately he's in robot mode a lot.

@  Sabrblade : (25 September 2020 - 07:24 PM)

No decoration could improve the wall more than Knockout himself

@  TheMightyMol... : (25 September 2020 - 05:04 PM)

The wall could use some decorating, though. Maybe a nice shelf or a portrait.

@  -LittleAutob... : (25 September 2020 - 04:32 PM)

I'm laughing so hard XDDD

@  ▲ndrusi : (25 September 2020 - 02:31 PM)

He doesn't even mind this time. You know what? It's comfortable here.

@  -LittleAutob... : (25 September 2020 - 02:23 PM)


@  Bass X0 : (25 September 2020 - 01:11 PM)

is an annoying stage in Super Mario World.

@  wonko the sane? : (24 September 2020 - 02:15 PM)


@  PlutoniumBoss : (24 September 2020 - 01:05 PM)

Beast Era, a blonde rat called Sunsqueaker.

@  TheMightyMol... : (24 September 2020 - 01:00 PM)

And then Knockout was in the wall again.

@  Sabrblade : (24 September 2020 - 12:53 PM)

Knockout: "Ooh, sorry, Lord Megatron. The correct word was... 'Decepticon'."

@  -LittleAutob... : (24 September 2020 - 11:15 AM)

Knockout: *while doing a crossword puzzle* Lord Megatron, whats a ten letter word for disappointment? | Megatron: ...... Starscream.

@  Maximus Ambus : (23 September 2020 - 01:20 PM)

@Bass X0 Shockwave did it.

@  TheMightyMol... : (23 September 2020 - 11:56 AM)

At least it's not Suntwerker.

@  wonko the sane? : (23 September 2020 - 11:19 AM)

I read that name as "suntweaker" the first time, and was terrified for a moment...

@  Bass X0 : (23 September 2020 - 03:41 AM)

Prowl did nothing wrong.

@  TheMightyMol... : (23 September 2020 - 01:50 AM)

Smashy, Stabby, Selfy, and Shieldy.

@  Xero Prime : (22 September 2020 - 08:52 PM)

RunFast, MuckyTrail, TrackBreaker and Sunstreaker

@  TheMightyMol... : (22 September 2020 - 06:16 AM)

Runamuck, Fasttrack, Sunstreaker, and Trailbreaker.

@  Nevermore : (22 September 2020 - 06:13 AM)

Cardboard and plastic.

@  Paladin : (22 September 2020 - 05:52 AM)

what's IN Wave 3, anyway?

@  Telly : (21 September 2020 - 06:35 PM)

i dont think theyre due for release until november. at least thats when target says ill get trailbreaker and sunstreaker. thought the wiki says theyre out in singapore

@  TheMightyMol... : (21 September 2020 - 06:01 PM)

Has wave 3 actually reached anywhere yet?

@  Maximus Ambus : (21 September 2020 - 04:40 PM)

A few more Bearimy's for Earthrise wave 3 to reach the UK

@  Spiritofeigh... : (20 September 2020 - 05:07 PM)

Cheers pal.

@  wonko the sane? : (20 September 2020 - 04:42 PM)

Welcome aboard!

@  Spiritofeigh... : (20 September 2020 - 04:38 PM)

Hey, new to the boards

@  RichardT1977 : (20 September 2020 - 02:29 PM)

I had an idea for a Spiral Zone/Go-Busters crossover fanfic...

@  wonko the sane? : (19 September 2020 - 06:35 PM)

I loved what was there, and think it's pretty ripe for "renegades" style reboot.

@  Rycochet : (19 September 2020 - 03:13 PM)

It's a shame as I loved Spiral Zone, and the design from the Japanese Toyline of the same name are fantastic, I adore the monowheel motorbike.

@  Rycochet : (19 September 2020 - 03:12 PM)

Hasbro doesn't seem to have any interest in doing anything with the TV show, haven't greenlit any attempt to rerelease it, and there have been approaches, so I think it may be aother one of Tonka's legal carcrashes where everyone involved owns a piece and it's not really worth anyone sticking their neck out to claim ownership.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 01:47 PM)

I feel that homages and references would be a fun way to expand the GI Joe brand, and give a little love to lines that are unlikely to be acknowledged beyond such capacity.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 01:47 PM)

I was under the impression that Bandai was more the character design aspects, not story or characters.

@  Rycochet : (19 September 2020 - 12:55 PM)

Also isn't it in rights limbo, given how it's loosely based on concepts from a BanDai series much like GoBots?

@  Rycochet : (19 September 2020 - 12:52 PM)

We don't need a Spiral Zone reboot, in a decade or so we'll be living it.

@  wonko the sane? : (19 September 2020 - 12:49 PM)

Yeah, but it would fundamentally change the base premise of both gijoe and spiral zone. It's either not the world spanning threat it was, or the zone riders are backed up by a competent force. Either way, you compromise the context of both.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 12:19 PM)

Akin to what was done with Matt Tracker in 2008.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 12:18 PM)

Again, not a PURE transplant, but an integration of ideas and concepts into the world of GI Joe.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 12:18 PM)

@Wonko The Cobra Overlord, with help from Dr. Mindbender and Cesspool, develops machines capable of generating a mind-controlling fog. GI Joe stalwarts Flint, Airtight, Lifeline, and Psyche-Out are joined by Colonal Courage to infiltrate these zones and disable the machines. Figures would sport hostile environment suits (Eco warriors cross with Spiral Zone) and make new versions of the mono-wheel vehicles.

@  Maximus Ambus : (19 September 2020 - 09:39 AM)

Hasbroverse.2 with bought properties: Bravestarr, Ulysses 31, Galaxy Rangers, Shadow Raiders, Manta Force, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Mighty Orbots, Jem and Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines. Seamless.

@  wonko the sane? : (19 September 2020 - 08:32 AM)

While acknoledging spiral zone would be pretty boss, I doubt they could actively integrate it into anything else: given the scale of the villains deeds.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 08:03 AM)

COPS, Spiral Zone, Shadow Strikers, Action Man, Centurions, MegaForce. They wouldn’t replicate the old lines, but simply acknowledging their existence would be nifty.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 September 2020 - 08:01 AM)

I would love to see GI Joe become something of a “celebration of action figures”. Hasbro has SO MANY old action figure properties, and many could slot into the GI Joe umbrella with relative ease.

@  Otaku : (19 September 2020 - 12:04 AM)

G.I. Joe, CyberCOPS, and M.A.S.K. all seem like something that would work from Animated or Prime, though CyberCOPS might have been a bit trickier from Prime.

@  Sabrblade : (18 September 2020 - 11:02 PM)

Rik Alvarez originally wanted the last episode of Prime to spinoff into a new MASK reboot.

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The BM Cooking/Food Thread

yum fire hazard run while you can

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#381 Destron D-69

Destron D-69

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Posted 07 February 2017 - 01:47 PM

maybe in America... if we did that my taxes would go up to cover the healthcare 

#382 The Doctor Who

The Doctor Who

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Posted 07 February 2017 - 02:13 PM

I think we can have maple flavored pancake syrup.  It's like those things that call themselves "buttery" or "chocolatey".  They can't legally call themselves something they aren't.


I prefer my pancake syrup without the HFCS, though like both.  Cane sugar based syrups have a much nicer taste, but markedly more expensive.


I can't honestly say I've had actual maple syrup.

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#383 OrionPax44


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Posted 07 February 2017 - 02:34 PM

My Brother in law loves making runs to this place that sells real Maple syrup even bottled in a maple leaf shaped bottle so we usually have some on hand. My kids are OK with the butter type flavored syrup I just don't like it  I eat it but that's when it's all we have.


It's good, though! Like a Coke, but stickier so you can pour it on pancakes and waffles and things.


That's an idea Copper. Coke instead of powdered sugar. The Breakfast that really wakes you up. 


I reject your reality and substitute my own

#384 MEDdMI


    Nonstop Baka

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 08:03 PM

The other day, I was cooking up pasta for mac and cheese but then I realized we were all out of milk. Then I saw the bottle of white wine I use for cooking sometimes. With the pasta draining in a collander, I put maybe about a cup of wine in the empty pasta pan on med-low with margarine and let the alcohol cook off (just until it didn't smell so boozy). Toss in the cheese mix, tomatoes, then the macaroni and greens. It was absolutely delicious, gave the sauce a level of flavor and richness even better than milk. I don't remember exactly what name brand the wine was since it's gone, but it was a cheap one that boasted citrus notes. I bet it would be great with mushrooms next time.

On a random note, we saw a bottle of "twisted chocolate soda" at our market for 69 cents and decided to try it. It was just... wrong. It was kinda like melted carbonated chocolate Twizzlers. We gave the rest of it to the troll downstairs.

#385 The Doctor Who

The Doctor Who

    Properly Cross

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 04:13 PM

Like chicken flavored ramen but don't like the 860mg sodium per serving (two servings per packet!)?  Just throw away the packet and use some no-salt-added chicken broth instead.  It has all of 48mg per 1 cup serving and frankly tastes better.

Edited by The Doctor Who, 04 March 2017 - 04:14 PM.


#386 The Doctor Who

The Doctor Who

    Properly Cross

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 03:04 PM

So here's an interesting trick!


Take a frozen filet of fish, in my case I bought some individually wrapped tilapia and cod filets from Meijer while they were on sale.  Then get yourself one of those frozen Green Giant microwavable veggie things.  Teriyaki rice and vegetables, in this instance.  Remove the veggies from the bag, and place them on top of the fish on a foil sheet and wrap them up together.


Put them in an oven safe pan and cook at around 400 degrees for about an hour or until the fish is sufficiently cooked.


Tadah!  You have teriyaki fish rice and vegetables for relatively cheap and with little difficulty!


#387 Patch

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 03:19 PM

Random question I've been meaning to ask... what's the best topping to put on lunchmeat in a sandwich?

#388 MEDdMI


    Nonstop Baka

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 03:36 PM

Tomatoes! Lots of tomatoes!

Serious: Probably depends on the type of meat. I love extra tomatoes, pickles, and just a little mayo on most of my sandwiches. BLT on rye bread with those is good, as is salami. I like some veggies and crunch to balance the meat. Peanut butter tastes good with celery and raisins if you don't have jam!

Today is cooking mishaps: My inability to pan fry large breaded pieces of chicken is confirmed. Heat was medium but I burned the first two breasts a little. Possibly didn't use enough oil. I should really just cut smaller pieces beforehand or hammer out the meat to an even thickness.

#389 The Doctor Who

The Doctor Who

    Properly Cross

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 03:44 PM

Random question I've been meaning to ask... what's the best topping to put on lunchmeat in a sandwich?

Not sure, given your dietary restrictions.  What sort of things are forbidden?


Like MED said, it depends on the meat.  In general, mustard goes well with beef and I love bread and butter pickles on ham.  Tortilla chips are good on just about anything, adding a good salty crunch.  Lettuce, though I have a miserable time stopping it from wilting.  Love me some real mayo as well.


#390 MEDdMI


    Nonstop Baka

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 01:16 PM

We got some chicken legs for cheap the other day but I don't have much experience with legs on the bone beyond soup stock. Tried out a Mediterranean Chicken recipe. So simple, and so good! The only things I did different were doubling the recipe for 10 chicken legs, and adding some concentrated lemon juice to the freshly squeezed juice b/c I didn't get much juice out of the one lemon. The hardest part was trying to cut/tear the skin off the legs.

#391 Zamuel


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Posted 09 September 2017 - 05:13 PM

Technically the recipe is a little off from regular muddy buddies (didn't have normal chocolate chips andit was white chocolate instead, some incredients might be off since I eyeballed about half of them) but I enjoyed it and I haven't done as much cooking as I used to so the calming influence was useful.


Lettuce, though I have a miserable time stopping it from wilting.

What kind of lettuce and over what time period? Do you mean wilting while stored or wilting from morning until lunch break?

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