Your Top figures for 2022?


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With the year, nearly at the end, what been your top figures for the year?

My top for the year, would be, no real order:
Haslab Victory Saber
Legacy Infero
Legacy Blizwing
Legacy Alpha Trion
Legacy Velocitron Comso
Legacy Velocitron Override
Legacy Velocitron Galaxy Shuttle
Studio series 86 Starscrea, throne
Crossover Back to the Future Gigawatt

Thou I might add to this as I got a couple of figures in bound currently but when they arrive, is another matter given the various strikes going on with the UK postal service!


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Wow, this is a tough one. I don't know that I can rank them, but they'd be among the following:

-Shattered Glass Jetfire (just beautiful, IMO).

-SS86 Coronation Starscream. What I've been waiting for since 1986.

-Legacy Jhiaxus. What I've been waiting for since 1993.

-Legacy Motormaster. A fun, solid toy of a figure that was in need of another pass!

-Legacy Dragstrip. Because Dragstrip just isn't Dragstrip without those front wheels!

-Speedia 500 Cosmos. I wasn't gonna (still sucks about the way that he was released), but I saw him and he looked so cool. A really fun little dude.

-HISS Tank Megatron. Yeah, yeah. Say what you will about him, but I think that he looks cool and *gasp* is actually really fun to transform.

-Alpha Trion from the A Hero Is Born Set. Another figure that I have waited a long, long time for a nice representation of.

-SS86 Ironhide. I didn't expect to like him as much as I do. He's definitely the best representation of Ironhide I think we've gotten to date.

-HasLab Victory Saber. A lot of love went into this and it shows. I had the MP and this one feels much better to handle; feels more suited to repeated transformations.

Anyway, those are just some of my top jams of '22! The TF team really delivered on some cool stuff this year. Looking forward to 2023...
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Hard agree on Jhiaxus, he is amazing. I don't even know much about the comics, but I know what I like, and I like this golden man. Very much yes also on Inferno, screaming fire bug is a vibe.

I may be cheating a bit going outside TFs, but Diaclone Reboot Tread Versaulter Chariot is super nifty, and I have spent more time fiddling with Eris Kultur Alternative than I have with any figure in a long time.


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Top overall: HasLab Victory Saber. It's hardly fair as it's in a weird class of its own, but we could have said that about Masterpiece once.

Top other: Legacy Menasor. Not perfect, but it's been a while since we've seen a toy so massively improve upon its predecessor. But even without that qualification, it's an impressive Menasor. We've seen a ton of third parties try this style and Legacy still manages to stand out. Sunbow combiners were always magically humongous compared to their components, and some of that cartoon magic is captured here. I still do not understand how so much Menasor unfolds out of such a dinky trailer. I guess part of it is that Motormaster actually adds some useful mass to it.

Top just-one-bot-in-one-box: Legacy Jhiaxus. I never cared about Jhiaxus until I saw all the in-hand pics here and on our Discord that you should join. They achieved something special with the proportions here. Jhiaxus just looks so natural and expressive.

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They achieved something special with the proportions here. Jhiaxus just looks so natural and expressive.

Kinda funny, even being a huge G2 fan and wanting an OG Jhiaxus for a long time, I was a little unsure at first because my mental image of him from the comics was a bit wider/squatter than the toy ended up, which is rather athletic. But having the toy in hand, I think it nailed it, and actually works better than hewing too closely to Galan's crummy art and Yaniger's penchant for being dramatic with proportions.

I still haven't been able to open/get other likely favorites like Menasor or Inferno, but another guy I wanna mention is Sludge. On his own terms he's solid but not amazing, but I really love having three solid Dinobots standing together at their size class. I really hope we get an equally good Snarl and Swoop to complete the set.


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"Bumblebee" Brawn. Silly round robot that turns into a convincing Cybertronian pickup-truck/drill-tank thing!

Decided to "wait for clearance" for just about everything this year, so I haven't gotten all that many 2022 figures yet. Instead I've been dipping my toes in other toylines, which naturally have all felt a lot fresher than Discount Silver Movieverse Carbot #6.


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Reviewing my purchases for 2022...
- Kingdom Pipes. I just like Pipes, and while the resulting shelf of back kibble isn't ideal if you want him to be more "proper" in his look, I like how it's still an option.

- Generation Selects Black Zarak. Earthrise Scorponok is one of the better realized Titans and citybots, and Black Zarak is more of the same but with that sharp deco the character is known for. The Zone tribute in the headmaster is a clever little surprise. And speaking of surprises, that they gave him a brand new Tyrant Spear even despite how Fasttrack was designed to "fill in" was the first sign that Hasbro would offer new accessories with retools that otherwise might not have them, a thing the Shattered Glass subline has since also done for its releases.

- Legacy Jhixaus. As many have said, it's mostly the robot mode that carries this one but what a robot mode. He looks like he stepped off the pages of the G2 comics (or perhaps one's memory of those pages), and he's armed with ridiculous guns that could only come from the '90s. He's an ugly brute of a bot, and it's all on purpose. He's let down by his vehicle mode more than a little, but as a long awaited toy of the character he shows how fully realized he could be.

- Velocitron Override. This figure fixes a lot of the proportion issues I always had with the original Nitro Convoy, though for some it does come at the cost of the vehicle mode. But as the rumors showed (and Hasbro further revealed), we could have had a figure of the character that was far worse. The transformation has some fun tricks to it, and the toy just feels like a great update to the character from the Speed Planet-- regardless of what name you want to call either of those things.

- Studio Series 86 Sludge. Sludge is very special to me, as a character so the toy simultaneously had a very high bar to clear and also would get all the points just by showing up. Those reasons for another day, Sludge on his own is a good strong figure overall. He's solid in both modes, avoids much of the hollow parts many of today's toys do, and overall is a fine purchase on his own... but a lot of his appeal for people is how he gives purpose to the prior two Dinobots. Grimlock was almost seen as redundant for people since he was so much like his MP figure, and Sl■g was weaker overall compared to him. But by getting Dinobot #3, his compatriots gain that much more value as a team. Having three looming Dinobots together is good enough for me, but Sludge, even with some dodgy hips, makes one excited for two more to go.

And the best figure of the year:
- Holiday Optimus Prime. I wasn't being silly when I made that comment in a prior thread: Holiday Optimus Prime is the best toy released this year. He takes an idea that I was lukewarm on when I heard it in the rumor phase ("Amazon Prime" collab) and makes it more fun and interesting. When I saw the Star Wars toy doing their own Holiday figures, I thought they were neat and was glad Hasbro found a way to get that sort of silliness in the Transformers line too. But even beyond his clever deco-ho-ho, Optimus's base mold is wonderful. The toy has a unique transformation that has parts constantly moving but in ways that feel deliberate and intuitive. His robot mode is sleek and well proportioned, and even things one would expect to be annoying kibble (like his kneepads and backpack) find ways to lock into place in robot mode and form a solid whole. Holiday Optimus is just a winner on every front for me.


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Jhiaxus is the winner for me. I bought the Generations 2 series religiously when it came out, and this figure does that guy justice.

I didn’t get Kingdoms Blaster or Tigatron until January, so I’m throwing them in there as my runners-up for 2022.

Didn’t buy a whole lot this year. I also got Sludge, golden disc Tigatron, Pipes, Kickback, Dragstrip, Jackpot, Leadfoot, and Pointblank. Fewer than what I typically get in a year.


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My list of 2022 bots that i have bought:
1.- The fallen (SS)
2.- Soundwave (SS BB)
3.- Bulkhead (legacy)
4,. Dk-2 Guard (gen selects)
5.- Ravage (SS BB)
6.- Brawn (SS BB)
The fallen is by far my favorite.


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My favorite would have to be Skids. He is the one I find myself playing with the most. Victory Saber is a close 2nd. Well worth the wait. Loved Goldbug too. Holiday Optimus is great. Jhiaxus is the biggest surprise to me.

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ones that don't count but they totally do:
black lio convoy
g1 victory saber

ones that count and they totally do:
legacy tm2 megatron
legacy override
mpm blackout
both mpg figures
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Well, this is most of what I picked up over the course of 2022. The only things not pictured were Coronation Starscream (which has been on display since I got it), and my "2021 in 2022" figures - Warpath, Pipes, and Slammer.

Financial realities have had me scale back my purchases, mostly on filling holes in the collection and/or waiting for sales. I just can't justify spending $80+ on a leader, for example, unless it is really quite something (sorry, Sludge!).

But, that said, I did have some nice pickups throughout the year:
  • Selects Cyclonus is just striking to look at in person
  • BWBB Kup gave that mold the spark of life that SS86 was missing
  • SS86 Arcee finally filled a void my collection has been missing
  • Cosmos is a chunky bit of joy that I liked more than I thought
  • Blaster, I feel, did the tape deck to robot thing better than Soundwave
  • Exo suit Spike sure was a thing 🤣
  • We finally have a good Ironhide! It only took 16 years (possibly 38?)
If I had to choose one favourite, though, it would have to be Ironhide. It hasn't left my desk since it arrived, and tolerances aside, has been fun to fiddle with.


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I remember when the initial pictures of Legacy wave 1 got a somewhat lukewarm reaction. What a strong year 2022 turned out to be.

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I basically stopped buying toys 20 years ago, but with a little more disposable income, and some crazy-good product being put out, I couldn't help but pick up maybe a dozen figures this year.

Runners-up: Jhaixus, for all the reasons everyone already stated above; toy-colors BW Dinobot, for being such a slavishly-perfect update to the original toy (though not without his issues); and Hammerbyte, who may not have come out this year, but is so much fun to play with, and I love his little crown so much (heck, even his fast-yellowing plastic turned a gorgeous turquoise.)

My favorite figure of the year, though, is Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Ratchet, who is such a joy to fiddle with, and so expressive and dynamic to pose. Marvel colors would have made him perfect, and I've fought back the urge to buy the Ironhide version because I love the mold so much.

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