X-Men '97 - continuation of 1992 Animated Series


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I kinda expect that they'll never actuall mention "Kang" and just keep him Rama-Tut; keep things semi-ambigous so as not to get lumped into MCU narrative by every casual watcher (if they are true about wanting to keep animated stuff seperate from Live Action) but also be "if you know, you know."

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So I really wanted to watch Night of the Sentinels. I have the old 5-Volume set on DVD. I decided to compare it to Wikipedia to see if I was missing any episodes. Turns out I actually do have all of the episodes. But the order is way out of whack. Like a bunch of episodes are smack dab in the middle of the wrong season. Why do companies do this?


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Not sure if I remember right but I believe the DVD’s were done in air date order and not the production order, which I believe did screw up the chronological order of the episodes.

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The episode "Remember It" helped X-Men garner an Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Animated Program. Outside of production design work for Ashoka and Loki, no other Disney+ project managed to garner any significant nomination. Though, I think Loki got snubbed, but that's another topic...

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