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Perhaps this is why Warwick Davis stepped down from hosting Tenable last year?

(for the uninitiated, Tenable is a British game show)

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Who had this on their bingo card this year? Who?

Just... OK, sure, I'll take it. Loved Willow as a kid, so this is a great announcement.


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Just watched the first two eps last night, and I'm loving it, though the modern music for the credits is a bit jarring.

Great cast, interesting characters, and a storyline that doesn't lean on the original so much as build from it (of the characters we've met, only three actually remember the events of the movie, and one of them wasn't directly involved with most of it --the kids all have their own lives and their own stories).

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Hmm, Terry Pratchett did that for Jingo, except the word was go faster when he wanted to stop.

Saw both eps. That was Flash Thompson, right?

I'm not fond of the princess. Her girlfriend is better. I think I would have liked the prince better if he stayed unfaithful more but, well, he's out of the picture at the moment.

Her blood was needed to activate the plant? Maybe?

They got the finger test wrong cuz the audience isn't suppose to know which is the right finger. That's the secret.

Seeeeeems ok. The young ones need to get over themselves and focus on saving the world. Flash Thompson seems to be good so I hope he steps up with the magic quick.


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I need to sit down and watch. Willow was one of my favorite movies growing up.
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