What stupid thing did the GOP say or do this time? Episode 3!


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"Those crooked Dems had me arrested because I was able to prove that voter fraud is real!"
"How did you prove it?"
"I committed it!"


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They're going after every single SCOTUS decision that made any form of social progress. We knew this. We really did.

Ironbite-the GOP is going to drag us, kicking and screaming, back to 1650 and they won't stop.

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...and Hell followed with him.
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Requirement to be a Democratic Supreme Court nominee: must be free of any kind of subjective bias or human imperfection.

Requirement to be a Republican Supreme Court nominee: there isn't quite enough evidence to successfully prosecute you for rape.

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You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Combined with a political context in which being stupid is equally weighted against the opinions and analysis of actual experts in the various fields. Why even bother with stuff like "education" and "practical experience" when all you need is facebook and memes to be given the same consideration.


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But being so goddamn stupid doesn't help, since they're smart enough to vote. Sadly.


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on the plus side, he's so batshit insane even today's GOP don't want him.

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Ten bucks says the domestic terrorist with nefarious intentions will have an easier time adopting than a gay couple who just want to be parents.

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