Watchmen: Chapter 1


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They actually managed to have worse animation than the comic AND worse acting than the Snyder film. Quite a feat...


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On the one hand, JMS worked on this. On the other hand, I have no interest in Watchmen period, so...yeah, no thanks.

Steevy Maximus

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As much as I abhor how Snyder has elevated the deification of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns as the pinnacle of the comics medium…at least his stuff had style and personality. Not to mention some really novel choices in actors.

But the animation is the same, stiff, cel shaded CGI garbage Warner is in love with at the moment. And it’s not like CG itself need be bad, this is an art direction choice and it sucks. For something so lauded, how they’ve approached it makes it look cheap.

Casting is strong…but there are A LOT of “the usual suspects” for cross media acting. I think most will do fine, but Welliver’s growling Rorschach isn’t giving a strong impression or nuance that Haley brought to his live action portrayal.

You combine all that with the likely short run time (~90 minutes, if that), makes me think this is a slapdash project for Warner to milk Watchmen…again.

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