Transformers: The Basics

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You could say that. ;)

Here's probably the biggest announcement in the video (at least, IMO):

To anyone here who is going to be attending TFNation in the UK later this year, Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson will be hosting a very very very special panel that Chris, in this livestream video, calls "one of the most important panels ever held at a Transformers convention."

Chris cannot tell us anything about it, but is very excited about it. He also cannot guarantee that it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for all to see, so it may be prudent for those in attendance to take notes on the panel, like when TFWiki users (and former Allsparkers) Jalaguy and Wadapan took diligent notes on the live script reading of the "Trial of Megatron" three-parter for Animated season 4 back in 2019.
Cool deal! I doubt I'll be anywhere near the UK later this year, so hopefully something works out! I'm thrilled for him, though! Thanks!
At 1:03:40 my question got asked and his reaction to it is the highlight of day/week/possibly month.

"Will you Rap, in the future G2 episode?"
Just checked it out, and nice! Gonna go for it? =D


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Did McFeely do one on just Optimus' deaths or was that just in the Optimus episode?


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I like the idea of Deathsaurus subbing as a torso for either Liokaiser or Dinoking. The Dezarus execution made sense based on existing molds, but just wasn't a perfect fit. Still, I'm glad we got even that!


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I was not a fan of the idea Deathsaurus being a torso for a combiner, at least how Hasbro & Takara approched him by making him a repaint of Skylynx with a new head for the combined form, thus I passed on the set and I don't regret it, the Skylynx torso is one of the best combiner torsos but I just felt it was all wrong, mashing the characters together like that, I might of gotten the set if they used the Starscream mold for LioKaiser! Anyway, I hope in the near future we get a modern verison of Deathsaurus who not a retool of another figure and can stand against Haslab's Starsaber!
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