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For me, the dots look fine (at least in the picture), but the black shading is a bit off, but seems to compliment the other colours well enough (again, in the picture).

At least it's not the infamously bad cr@pple-damage paint from Siege. I had to wait since then to finally get a (good) version of Springer without it.


Imagine; the next set IS Flame and Xaaron and for Xaaron they use the Siege Refraktor, and some poor bastard(s) have to buy 3 to do the camera mode!
I would totally do that iff Flame was also based on Refraktor.

Refraktor's awesome. Great generic robot mode, ridiculous altmode, and three combine to form a recognizable thing.

(and you can keep expanding beyond all
logic and sense)


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Xaaron was based on megatron so the sensible thing to do would be to reuse Studio Series 54 Megatron.

Studio 54 Megatron?

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I had an odd thought of getting Steeljaw mostly for the speaker. Not for Blaster (I don't have the right one) but for Origins Jazz. I thought it would probably have a 5mm port on the back to fit in his 'flip hand' socket. Then I finally saw the turnaround, and was disappointed that it was a hollow shaped for Blaster's fist, so it probably won't work.

I think I may have worked out something similar for vehicle mode, though, using a part from the Centurion Drone pack (also where the Bee gun came from). Not so good in Robot Mode. I hope they eventually do some more accessory packs, even if you don't have the right bot as intended they're great for options. Not shown here, using one of the larger guns and the Ironhide drill for Origin Wheeljack's 'creative endeavors'.



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After seeing Thundertron paired with Calcitron and Night Strike in hand images, I wonder if they could have used Kingdoms Wingfinger and Rise of the Beasts Battle Master Airazor instead.


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I mean they probably could have. Unless there are movie rights issues with that bird. But the shoulder slots on Thundertron are specifically sculpted to fit Ratbat's feet and hold him on there so this was the plan apparently right from toy design.

-ZacWilliam, which is fairly interesting

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