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From the PulseCon thread:
Legacy United
  • Poster that shows Magmatron and Tidal Wave among many other new faces. They're probably the Commander and Titan, respectively.

Core class
  • Energon Megatron - cartoon-based colors, tank-sword, "if you like Energon or Superlink, let us know and we might make more"
  • Beast Wars Tasmania Kid - Evan corrected himself that it is "Beast Wars Second" not "Beast Wars Two", and noted that this figure also works as Snarl, realistic Tasmanian devil sculpt
  • Infernac Universe Armorizer Bouldercrash - rock-based motorcycle bot, based on rock creatures from The Headmasters episode "My Friend Sixshot", and slightly from Rock Lords, can convert into a rock weapon, Armorizers are the new gimmick toys like the other "-izer" figures, based on red quartz rock
Deluxe class
  • Infernac Universe Armorizer Magneous - solid black rock truck bot, similar to Scraphook's altmode
  • Animated Universe Bumblebee - the figure we've seen already, originally had a different head design that wasn't Animated enough, final head hues closer to Derrick J. Wyatt's style
  • Rescue Bots Universe Chase - looks like a retool of Earthrise Runabout/Runamuck, they hint at something else big planned for this figure to be revealed six months from now
  • Cyberverse Universe Windblade - looks like just the traditional Windblade design rather than anything particularly Cyberverse-based, but really good, fan-blades spin around to let people choose between the silver or black sides of the fan-blades
Voyager class
  • Prime Universe Thundertron -looks pretty close to his original design, and actually looks like a better figure than the original, really big shoulder pads but no vertical claws on them, they compare him to a Liger from Zoids
  • Animated Universe Optimus Prime - they acknowledged the choice to go without the mouthplate for this one, was "essential" for them get the blue and red tints on his lightbar, wanted to conceal the front wheels as much as possible
Leader class
  • Tigerhawk - show-accurate purple instead of blue, called a Fuzor repeatedly, Kingdom sculping, very show-accurate robot mode, they acknowledge the lack of shiny paint ("We'll get there!")
  • Laser Optimus Prime rerelease - open-window box so you can see the figure this time

PulseCon exclusive
  • Powerlinx Hot Shot & Jolt - Jolt was colored orange because he was orange in the cartoon, Hot Shot has a new connection point on his back that the first release didn't have

  • There is a game for TF: Prime. Could we get Prime characters in SS: Gamer Edition? - Absolutely. Studio Series at this point, it could be anything.
  • Who is the best Dinobot? - Evan likes Sludge, but everyone always says Grimlock.
  • Any news on HasLab Deathsaurus? - He is in production, an unboxing video is coming soon.
  • Any HasLab for Transformers this year? - Nope! Next year, however, is the 40th anniversary, and an "omega-type reveal" is coming.


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Official Image of Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 Transformers Panel (10)__scaled_800.jpg

Prime Thundertron.jpg

Animated Optimus Prime.jpg

Beast Wars Tigerhawk.jpg

Rescue Bots Chase.jpg

Cyberverse Windblade.jpg

Animated Bumblebee.jpg

Beast Wars Tasmanian Kid.jpg

Energon Megatron.jpg

Not Lords.jpg

I'm up for everything, except Windblade (nothing really special or different enough compared to her previous releases) and those "Not Lords". If they were actual Rock Lords, I would get them in a heartbeat for Nostalgia, but "sparkless rock beasts that turn into vehicles covered in cake frosting/icing" doesn't do it for me. Attaching bits of cake icing to my regular TFs seems as ugly and irrelevant to the CHUG aesthetic to me as those Primus-awful Fossiliser abominations. I would have thought Hasbro would have learnt from their "mistakes" with those and relegated such things to the pure kiddy lines?

I suppose the positive here for me is that I'll be saving more money during their release and their possibly swift descent into bargain buckets around the world.
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Folks loved the Fossilizers (they were cool). What makes you think there was anything to "learn from." Just because you weren't a fan of something doesn't mean it didn't do well.

-ZacWilliam, given that "new character modular toys" have continued since I think they learned the right lesson.


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Folks loved the Fossilizers (they were cool). What makes you think there was anything to "learn from." Just because you weren't a fan of something doesn't mean it didn't do well.

-ZacWilliam, given that "new character modular toys" have continued since I think they learned the right lesson.
Not everyone thought they were cool. I used speech marks to highlight that "learnt from" was more opinion than fact (although I had hoped that the move back towards a mechanical aesthetic for such toys was the "lesson learnt"). I never stated "modular toys" were bad, only the bones/rock aesthetic.

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Folks loved the Fossilizers (they were cool). What makes you think there was anything to "learn from." Just because you weren't a fan of something doesn't mean it didn't do well.

-ZacWilliam, given that "new character modular toys" have continued since I think they learned the right lesson.
This. I’ve seen collectors suck the fun out of SO MANY toy lines, focusing on excessive articulation and details that are, ultimately, detrimental to other aspects of the product.

I’m THRILLED that Transformers is still in a position where the collector line is still allowed to be FUN, even if I don’t particularly care for them (Junkions did nothing for me)


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I think with some decent story and character development, both the Not Lords and Fossilisers could be more interesting, especially if they were directly tied to Rock Lords and were more of a spin-off from the main Transformers line (perhaps more in sync with Beast Wars). However, their clashing aesthetic (to G1) and lack of any real writing behind them hasn't made them relevant to me as a mainstream Transformers collector.
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Man I am jazzed for the Infernac characters. Just the coolest thing Transformers has come up with, imo, in ages.

The rest of the line up looks great and there are some definite pick ups, but those are my single biggest must buys. Hasbro and Transformers are at it's best when they get weird, and don't force themselves into restrictive boxes on design aesthetic.


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I’m only sad that we aren’t getting a better articulated Energon Megs at a bigger size class. But it is the perfect little fiddle Transformer.

I’ll admit the Infernac Rock bots don’t do anything for me with the two we saw. If there was a more molten lava look with some slavish reds and oranges more than the Rock bike.

Loving the continued Beast Wars love and core Tasmania Kid is awesome. And Tigerhawk! I’m hyped to see if that leaked lists Silverbolt comes.

Chase is cool and I’m down for another cop bot. Windblade…. It’s Windblade. I like Windblade but I don’t feel like it’s oneI need to get with the couple versions I already have.

Thundetron…. Someone at Hasbro has a thing for White Lions. And while I do like seeing a different character get a new shot, it’s weird with such a lower tier character in fiction get a chance at another figure like this. But considering the rumored next Walmart exclusive line being the Star Seekers it makes a bit more sense. Definitely get the Zoids vibe from it.

And the teases in the poster! Love that we are going to see Magmatron! Never would have guessed him getting the commander slot (presumedly). And TIDAL WAVE! Definitely getting the Titan TW a lot of us have been wanting for a few years! But yet the artwork features Armada Megs with TW armor too….?! Interesting…..

A fun start to the new years line and hoping to see more from that leaked list to come.


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I like the concept of the rocky vehicles but they need more color contrast, even if just a couple robot mode parts. This isn't the Rise of the Beasts toyline.

Also did that poster copy-paste the bigger rock guy? Eh. Probably not, just a similar pose and the craggy detailing making it difficult to tell.
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