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I guess what all of this really boils down to is the original absurdity of the G1 comics and cartoon making the Autobots and Decepticons able to live for millions of years in the first place. The whole reason the Ark was stated to crash-land on Earth "four million years ago" was to allow the ship to crash at a point in history long enough before the northwestern United States had any people in it so that the ship would remain completely undisturbed by humanity until Mount St. Hilary erupted in 1984, woke up the Ark's computer, and reactivated the Autobots and Decepticons on board. That backstory didn't need a four-million-year-long time gap to make that happen. All that was needed was a gap of about 12,000 years since it was a little less than that prior to 1984 when any Native Americans in the northwestern U.S. first turned up in that part of the continent. Granted, 12,000 is still a pretty big number, but nowhere nearly as ungodly HUGE as 4 million. It's actually 333.33 times less that amount.
I think that gets lost on the writers, it wasn't normal that the war lasted 4 million years it went that long because both leaders and their top guys all disappeared and were in stasis and Shockwave kept the status quo. But also the history scene in FFoD also says the words Eons and Centuries, that the Quintesson's made Cybertron eons ago and three times said the battles lasted centuries while stating that we've been following the Third Cybertronian War, which it all fits better as vague ancient past then G1 to BW time frame.

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Sure thing. I'd love to continue this Beast Era talk, but it deserves its own thread.



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A clear core (Legends?) Optimus Prime figure is coming out, via a Japanese "mook" which can be pre-ordered at Amazon in the near future

image of Clear Core Optimus Prime FANBOOK 2023 Exclusive for Transformers Perfect Encyclopedia...jpg

The 3rd installment of "Transformers FANBOOK" full of cool transformable and movable Transformers! There are games and quizzes using popular hobbies of the past, as well as games using characters such as the popular movie "Bumblebee"!

The appendix comes with a clear figure of Optimus Prime (transformed into a truck) that can only be obtained in this book. It's one size larger than the previous FANBOOK!

Release date: - August 22, 2023.
Price: - ¥1,650

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Alright, so... Grimlock, swoop, sludge, scarr, slug... who's the sixth? Have they been released yet? What am I missing?!?!?
I got the five and am just wait for Snarl, I love em I mean are they perfect Dinobots? Heck no their Core class you want screen accurate get the Leaders, these are delightful small, take next to no desk space and I can transform them in under a minute and can then combine them.

I will be upset though if after Snarl they announce an accessory pack with feet and weapons or if Volcanicus is just incomplete and Dinoking gets feet, I know they're coming cause Grimlock and Snarl have the same slots on the bottom of their foot modes.

This came of sounding slightly ranty, I'm in no way upset with Wonko or anyone, just uh passionate I guess.


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I'm only interested in Dinoking (and barely since seeing how the design turned out) but I will be bothered if feet don't get released for Volcanicus in an accessory pack or whatever. It doesn't matter if Dinoking is the main attraction. People who bought Volcanicus shouldn't miss out.

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