Transformers Legacy toyline


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Somehow I never noticed Nova Prime in the background behind Orion there.
From the Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime mold, no less.

Who's goldyboots on the opposite side? (Xaaron?)
A statue of Prima.


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That's a statue of Primus from the IDW comics.

The other leaked listings for the line

Leader Class Nova Prime (speculated to be a Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime retool)
Voyager Class Nacelle (rumored to just be a straight up Siege Seeker redeco)
Javelin vs Kaskade 2-pack (Javelin is an obscure character, Kaskade is basically a nobody, so they really could go anywhere with this set.)


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You could get Legacy 'Anti Vocationist League' Glitch from him, a nod to the Functionist universe.


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Ah yes, Legacy Evolution Voyager Bludgeon, what a fierce decepticon to add to your collection. I don’t think I’ve ever actually encountered anyone that doesn’t have some kind of love for this character.

I’m honored to have had the pleasure of trying to live up to Alex Milne’s design featured in the IDW comic series. As you may already know this is a redeco of Tarn, but he comes with a new head, new sword, and a new delicious colorway!

Huge shout out to Yuya san over at Takara, his design aesthetic is just amazing!

I had to take some time to draw up a wicked head sculpt for this maniac 💀, slide on through the pics for some other treats and deets. He has a sick weapon load out and the sword sculpt details look pretty vicious. I’m not sure if some people noticed on Tarn but the front tank guns are not only blast effect compatible, they are perfectly sized to be used as a set of hit sticks. With this great range of articulation, you can really get wild with the posing.

Had alot of fun with this mold as you can see, somtimes figures just seem like they have a mind of their own as you play with them. Happy Transformers Tuesday yall!
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Toxitron became available on Walmart+ with a delivery date for today. I saw it yesterday and thought it was crazy, but said what the hell. Surprising no one the order is delayed, but if anybody wanted to take that gamble I think he's still up there.


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I know my preorder is still saying the 19th for both he and Cloudcover so maybe they're giving Walmart+ people early dibs.


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Could be. I tried to search for Jazz and Cloudcover but they are mia on the site. Either way, we'll see what happens.

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Well, thanks to having a FedEx account, I'm aware that my Armada Prime should be here later today, while Pulse has said exactly jack and shit about its shipping status.


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Well, according to posts on TFW and Cybertron, the Toxitron deluxes have been spotted in Ontario Walmart's, G2 Grimlock has been purchased in Florida and Medix has hit Canadian GameStop stores.

Laser Cycle and Sideswipe seem to be the shortpacked deluxes

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