Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

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Oh hi, Security Officer:


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I think I'll call Red Cog "Recog" just to make sound a bit more like a normal TF name. Maybe even make him a mnemosurgeon or something. Regardless he looks good and all those accessories are terrific.

I already have golden disk Terrorsaur, but I've liked this toy version since it was leaked. The purple and green look really good. I wish we could get this mold in the Walmart AoE Strafe deco.


Maystor missspelur
the weapons for Cog Red just dont have the same design aesthetic as he does its very jarring


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It's hard to care about a toy the makers don't even care enough about to give the character a name.

-ZacWilliam, generic product description "name" turns me off buying a Transformer completely.
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