Transformers: Heavy Metal canceled


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Niantic has had to cancel four projects (one of them being TF: Heavy Metal) and lay off 8% of its workforce, as reported by
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Sorry about people losing their jobs, but this is kinda funny to me since I just found out this was a thing this week


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A bit sad but not surprised about this. I'm in one of the countries where they were testing the game, and it had some really nice features. The character designs and animations were fantastic and I liked the chat feature where you'd get into a conversation with the Autobots you were working with (and sometimes Starscream would contact you to ask you to join the Decepticons and generally make fun of the Autobots)

But I don't think the game ever took off anywhere close to the extent that Pokemon Go did. It's actually a bit hard to tell because of the limited ways ingame that you could see other people were playing.

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