Transformers: Forged to Fight 2022 update


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From the front page. Here's what to expect, from the game website itself:
More Bots!

In the next Timeslide, Commanders will find Dirge was guarding a recently uncovered natural Spacebridge against the clutches of Necrotronus! Once activated, this Spacebridge will open gates to worlds unseen, bringing new friends and foes to New Quintessa!

Commanders can look forward to more new Bots coming their way this year, starting with 2 new Bots in v9.0 coming later this month! One of these Bots has been hiding in plain sight, while the other is our take on a Generations classic.

Don’t hold on to those Bot Chips or Titan Fragments though! These new Bots will be available in Crystals and other offers before being added to any other method of acquisition.

These new Bots will not be released right away, and come with a new content schedule of events and Missions themed around them.

New Content Schedule

Each new Bot will have a 5-week event dedicated to them. These events will include:

    • 2 Timeslide length Missions called “Bot Incursions”
    • Objectives
    • Login Rewards
    • 4 Featured Bots available for Bot Chips
    • Showcases for the featured bots and the new arrival
    • Alliance Events
This new schedule will be replacing our current monthly content schedule. During this time, our goal is to really make the Game feel like it’s dedicated to the New Bot.

Off-Cycle Events

There won’t always be back-to-back Bot releases, and during those downtimes, we’ll be running special off-cycle events, focussing on other Bots, factions and teams on New Quintessa, such as Beast Wars or Decepticon events!

More Content Update Priorities

Throughout the year, we also want to take some time to focus on updating some other kinds of content and modes. We don’t have details to share on these at the moment, but would like to give you a glimpse at some of the priorities we are working on:

Sharkticon Week Revamp: We’ve revamped this fan-favourite event, and you can look forward to it coming soon!

Quest Content Update: We want to work on new Buffs and Map layouts to give players more variety in-game, as well as taking another look at Prime Difficulty as more Commanders have access to Rank 6 Bots.

Alliance Mission Update: We want to adjust the Alliance Mission Map to be shorter, so that we can regularly mix up the Bots alliances will be facing off against, and reinvigorate the challenge in one of our most popular game modes.

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