Transformers Collaborative thread (May 2022: Maverick reissue preorder)

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New collab listings!

“Tra Project Waffles
Product Number: F7139
EAN: 5010996145888
Estimated Release Date: July 1st, 2023
4 Per Case

Tra Project Jojo
Product Number: F7138
EAN: 5010996146649
Estimated Release Date: October 1st, 2023
2 Per Case

Tra Project Francis
Product Number: F7141
EAN: 5010996147424
Estimated Release Date: October 1st, 2023
4 Per Case

Tra Project Island
Product Number: F7140
EAN: 5010996145901
Estimated release Date: November 1st, 2023
2 per Case”

I'm guessing the ones that are lower per case are larger, so..

July: Project Waffles (4 per case)
October: Project Jojo (2 per case)
October: Project Francis (4 per case)
Project Island (2 per case)

Speculate away!
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It's a series of figures that assemble into a Southern Diner scene, like I made years ago:




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Op should of been looking at Unicron with a look saying "Seriously?" and Unicron looking at him and asking "What?" In the second strip

Platypus Prime

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These were actually done nearly twenty years ago, they were the only toys that were big enough to show up well with my very old simple camera, and MS Paint for editing.


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Given the release dates, I suspect that Jojo and Francis compliment one another somehow. Beyond that, I speculate nothing.


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If were getting Frankenstien and Wolfman to go with Dracula, I welcome them with open arms.

So "Jojo the Dogfaced Boy" and Francis for "Frank" I could see that.

What molds though?

Weirdwolf with a new wolffy robot head I could see.

-ZacWilliam, Franky is less immediately obvious...


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If Francis is Frankenstein, I could see Waffles being Wolfman, though no idea what that would leave JoJo to be though.

I don't feel Waffles is Wolfman, becuase both Francis and JoJo are slated for October, which is fitting if they're both halloween/horror monsters.
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