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At this point, the most new merch or new content we could get is what we've already gotten:
  • Two official oneshot extensions from BotCon written by Marty Isenberg himself
  • Another oneshot and an epilogue from TakaraTomy in Legends
  • The AllSpark Almanac art books
  • The complete series in full widescreen on DVD from Shout! Factory
  • Reimagined versions of Animated-original characters in proceeding series (Prime Bulkhead, AOE Lockdown, Cyberverse Lockdown, Cyberverse Clobber, etc.)
  • The unofficial epilogue comic "Trial & Error" written by Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson
  • The first three episodes of Season 4 adapted into radio play form, which I posted on the previous page of this thread.
And there's probably much more that I'm forgetting.
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It was okay. The plots and characters were great but the humor didnt land for me and there was a lot of it. I can take or leave the aesthetic.

something about the plastic they tended to use for the toys degraded awfully though. Prowl, The Dinobots, Blurr and Waspinator had stuff randomly disintegrate from being on a shelf but the contemporary universe toys are still standing. Also Blitzwing and but that toy was always a POS


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Oh, that ship's long sailed. There would be little point in returning to Animated specifically, and frankly I don't think it would help. They've "returned" to Beast Wars this year and I don't particularly care.

Animated was interesting because it did new and fun things, mostly competently. If you liked Animated, you probably want new and fun things. That's different from G1 fans, who are easy to please repeating the same content over again because the value is purely in the nostalgia.
Besides, Animated already was completed.
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