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Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus
A general thread for toys.


I've been eyeing the Beasts of the Mesozoic Raptors for a while now, finally got one now since Kingdom Grimlock made me realize I somehow still didn't have a properly feathered toy of my favorite type of dinosaur.




I was considering getting a couple more, but next year they're doing smaller-scaled versions which seems a LOT more manageable.


Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus

I hadn't really appreciated how insanely complex General Grievous' design was before building the Bandai model of him.


I mean holy hell, looks at his neck.


I was initially disappointed that his guts are unpainted despite the stock images suggesting otherwise, but it gets covered by so many layers of armor it doesn't really matter anyways. (wish I had the foresight to take a pic of the guts before building...)


Sure is nice to have a version of him that can easily stand on its own.

Leaving the stickers off, since no doubt it'll be infinitely easier to just do a paint wash instead of trying to get hair-thin stickers into the sculpted grooves.


I submitted my pre-order for Cosmic Legions. Four figures (Slogg, Sphexxian Guard, Zeeri and TU5CC Sentry). $190 for the figures. Tax was $18.47. Shipping was $33.92.

I just spent $242.39.


My pre-orders coming up as of Jan. 3, 2022 are:

Golden Disc Tigertron and Terrorsaur
-Amazon (March 2022)
Golden Disc Jackpot-Amazon (March 2022) DELIVERED IN EARLY DECEMBER 2021! This figure is pure win. He's a perfect analog to the Action Master, and they gave him a solid partner.
I also grabbed Tigatron the last day of 2021. It was a good figure on which to end the year.
Kingdom Blaster-Nerdzoic (Feb/March 2022) Actually saw this guy in the stores, and came THIS CLOSE to snapping him up. He looks AMAZING in person, in package. Left the figure for some other lucky TF fan.

Marvel Legends
Doctor Strange
classic-Walmart (TBA 2022)
Scarlet Witch and Vision (WCA era)-Amazon (March 2022)
Captain America anniversary-Nerdzoic (May/June 2022)
Sandman-Best Buy (No date listed? TBA 2022?)
Hobgoblin and Black Cat-Nerdzoic (TBA 2022)

Star Wars Black
Cobb Vanth
-Nerdzoic (July/August 2022)

GI Joe Classifed
Python BAT
and Python Viper-2 each from Target (TBA)
Tiger Force Outback-Target (TBA)
Croc Master-Amazon (April 2022)
Spirit-Amazon (July 2022)
Alley Viper-2 from BBTS (June 2022); 2 from Nerdzoic (July/Aug. 2022)
BAT-1 from BBTS (June 2022)

Valaverse Sgt. Slaughter
and Steel Brigade-Big Bad Toy Store (Jan. 2022)
Mystery Science Theater 3000-(June 2022. Weekly updates! This is moving along.)
Animal Warriors of the Kingdom-(July 2022. I ordered six of these guys, all feline figures. If there are supply chain issues/delays, the people involved in this have a good history of communicating with backers, based on previous projects I've backed.)
Cosmic Legions-(late 2022, but with supply chain issues, probably 2023. I ordered a fly prison guard, Slogg the giant booger, Zeeri and TU5CC Sentry)
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Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus

It's been a while since I've gotten Jurassic Park toys. Last one may very well have been a JP3 Velociraptor, heh. Nice to have a (super-articulated!) update to him and that big electronic TLW raptor.


Dunno how likely toy-based repaints are (especially since they're from a rival company now), but I'd love it if they did the Chaos Effect Alpha Raptor and TLW's "Cyclops."



Also this made me laugh:


Koopaling Aficionado
Looks like some Plunderlings are back in stock at BBTS. And they've opened their website store where you can buy accessory packs and "Hatchling" bodies to turn your unused alt-heads into a whole other little guy.


LBD "Nytetrayn"

Broke the Matrix
What is up with the recent trend of figures with interchangeable heads?
Turns out it's really hard to get figures to change expressions, especially at a small scale, so just sculpting another head was easier that mystic enchantments and cheaper than nanotechnology.

Turns out it has other applications, too.
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