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New board, gotta fill it with threads.

Looks like Super7's Ultimates Wave 3 should be shipping soon. Wave 2 should be hitting by the end of the year as well.

While unorthodox, Flyyn has kept the fandom clued in that they were having huge issues at the older factory with their orders keep getting bumped for Mattel's runs. That shouldn't happen anymore going forward as they have switched factories.

Can't wait to ginally see who's in wave 5. Hopefully some Lunatacks!


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At PowerCon, Super7 is showing off the actual prototypes for the Wave 4 figures and also Silverhawks' MonStar.







Images courtesy of ThundercatsNOW on Facebook.


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To this day I haven't watched the entire series. There was a certain point in the rotation where they just kept rerunning season 1 over and over again and never played later seasons except maybe once. The latest episode I remember seeing was the one with the lady Mumm Ra and even that one was a one off of anything from that era.

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I watched it as a kid in the mid/late 80s and loved it, but it wasn't until it aired on CN's Toonami in the late 90s that I got to see every episode. It was amazing watching how the animation quality progressed throughout the seasons.


I guess there's no Thundercats Roar?

And nothing of value was lost.

Honestly, toys are all well and good. I'd be more likely to buy a few if I could find them in the wild instead of having to buy them online.

But what I'd really like to see is an actual show, like, not the Roar/Titans GO kids version, but an actual Thundercats show.


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Who's the middle prototype guy? Grune? In a robe?

I guess there's no Thundercats Roar? We're getting Aquaman instead?
Thats Pumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra disguised himself as a Thundarian refugee to gain access to cat's lair. He comes with an extra large head that can be swapped onto the Ever Living body.


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Oh, that's sounds familiar.

Season 1 ep, just a one time appearance, just one of many attempts by Mummra to beat the cats, of course, the best thing about Mummra is the fact he is EVER living, thus pretty much immortal, he cannot be completely destoryed as he is the embodiment of evil, thou he serves four anicent spirts of evil, of course, there is also his counterpart, Mumrana, the embodiment of everything good in services to the spirts of good, thou if I recall correctly, she had only two appearances through out the series run!


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I received a heads up from BBTS that Slythe is prepping to ship. Hopefully Jaga is too to save on shipping


I guess I give them a certain amount of credit that it appears due to QC issues. While one could argue it should've been caught sooner, I guess it shows they learned from the whole Panthro thing.
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