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This week's Ultraman Trigger has the return of Z and Haruki. I can't wait for the shenanigans.

Ironbite-also next month we get Dark Trigger so there goes my theory the Giants of Darkness used to be Giants of Light.


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Any love for Dynaman?


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After watching Revice, I totally get the feeling of Den-O but with Deadpool as Momotaros.

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Bought Figure-Rise Standard KR Double Cyclone Joker as my first foray into this model kit subline. I've found myself preferring the look of the simpler, sleeker suits, so I figured this would be a good starting point. It helps that from wiki-walking about the series, Shotarou is my kind of protagonist. =P

And then I find out that Double manga sequel is getting an anime adaptation. By the studio that did Symphogear.

...Time to track down the original series, I suppose, and give this franchise's lore another chance (I tried watching Wizard, but lost interest). XD Alas, the official Toei YouTube channel only has the first two episodes. =(


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It's not Double... Which is a great series, but if you want a good series, has Kuuga up. And it's free if you are in America. *or use a VPN to pretend to be in America*


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Has anyone else bought the Ultraman 80 dvd set? Cause I did, and i think the first disc is defective. Which is really too bad, because the first few episodes were pretty good.
EDIT: I don't know what was going on the other night, but i tried it in another player and it worked fine, then tried it back in my normal player again, and its playing fine.

Anyway, I am really liking 80, the Kaiju designs have a more modern flavor, and the schoolteacher hook feels a little like Great Teacher Onizuka, where his students problems are almost more important than fighting the kaiju.

Also, I just saw an episode where 80 intentionally loses a fight with a kaiju. Compared to the previous Ultra series, I think thats a new tactic!
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meet "Kamen Rider Evil."

Yes, really.


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No that's the other Driver.

EVIL you say? Well I guess he'll need something to do after Jay White kicks him out of Bullet Club.
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