The Random Transformers Image Thread

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Given the writer that the first name comes from, that should probably read "dinosaur transformers"...

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Okay, I tried the Discord and I tried the Facebook group, so here's rounding out the trinity:

Question: Anyone remember something from a comic (I'm thinking Marvel G1) where Optimus (I'm thinking in his Powermaster Super Mode body) basically just digs his fingers into these metal doors and rips them straight off?

I've been trying to find it, as it kind of inspired (unless I imagined it? In which case I guess it's still technically true) a moment in something I'm working on.

Edit: Found it (eventually)

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 03-14-52 The Transformers (1984) Issue #71 - Read The Transformers (1...png
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Looks like one of those unlicensed crossover products that China produced back in the '80s. There were all kinds produced back then.


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That penguin that the love child of Megatron and Rumble is holding looks concerned. He knows that jive is about to go down.


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I really want to know the story behind this.

Also... I must find one.
While I cannot provide any story details, here's some info from a Chinese fan regarding how this is even a thing:

Interesting fact: back in the 80s', when TF was a big hit in China, some publishers made a lot of crossover comics based on Transformers and other famous cartoons (such as The Smurfs, Heman, ). There were... maybe more than 10 issues(?) of those were titled "Sun Wu Kong Battles The Transformers", by various publishers.

In those days, no one in China had any concept of copyright (I mean, it's much better now), so publishers were officially doing these unofficial "fan comics" a lot.

Quite some phenomonon back then... every child from the 80s' still remembers those today.
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