The Powder Monkey Podcast Thread

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Super-Powered Zealot
I have a podcast that covers politics, religion, conspiracy, the esoteric, music, pop culture, and anything else we may want to talk about.
Instead of posting a separate thread every time I publish, I'm just going to keep it to one thread. For ease of listening, I'm going to embed my YouTube episodes here, with a link to the episode's page on my site, (for any links, guest info, etc.) However, some episodes are too much for YouTube's sensitive butthole. When that happens, I'll just provide the content hosted from my platform.

I'm always open to discussion, and guest suggestions / requests.


*Trigger Warning
*May induce epileptic episodes
*Not for Sale or Use in California


Super-Powered Zealot
Episode 47 - "Epiphany"
Viva Frei takes a question from the Captain during his New Year's Eve AMA and Ramble Rant. The Captain gives commentary and breaks down his favorite moments from the event.
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