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Would start with my own, but lost all of the old art work and bios when my PC got fried. Whatever happened to the OC Encyclopedia/Database we have all those years ago? I know Onyx was in there.


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Way too many to post, or even quickly FIND, but my main OC Channel was originally developed in alongside Neale Davidson during a TF fan gathering at his house in 1996. The idea was that Vanguard would discover that Channel was originally designed as a God Armor for him, but those plans were lost, then found and ensparked later when the Autobots needed to crank out troops. Since then, he's gone through soooo many permutations. has a lot of stuff, including a few kitbashes, but there's also kitbashes scattered throughout the pages.

Here's the most recent Channel piece I've done:


(Hey, found the Headmasters Crash pieces, better go put them in the HMII thread.)



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Been several hot minutes since I thought about any of them, but my go-to was Railgun, a Decepticon heavy infantry sort in a similar vein to Lugnut and Blackout. Started out directly cribbing his transformation from Might Gaine, before I knew what Brave stuff was, but last I poked him, it was mostly taking from Webdiver Gradion, with some liberties to maintain the chest cannon I wanted him to have.



fancharacter Fusion, 2004-05-12.png

[Fusion], from about thirteen years ago, when he was little more than a repaint concept - basically (poorly) traced from a piece of pre-existing G1 Springer artwork. I claim only the multiple terrible perspective issues and asymmetries I managed to introduce in the process.

Some of my characters (including Fusion in 3D with altmodes) can be found on the Allspark at <>. Click on the images below for links to individual character posts, bios, more pics, 3D, altmodes etc.

Jangle MTMTA profile by Ursa Magnus.jpg


eleven modes.png
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I've only had a few:

Both of these had art or at least digibashes that I don't have handy at the moment:
Foxfire - a fox Maximal repaint of the Wolfang mold in the BW era
Slipstream - a black Decepticon repaint of Space Case. Actually used this one in a forum RPG for a bit. Hadn't done anything with him in years, especially since there's a more prominant Slipstream now in official fiction...

Lastly, inspired by the idea of fantasy-themed Pretenders, I created my own set, who essentially crashed on an equivalent of Pathfinder's Golarion, and are hunting Decepticons they were chasing who took on pretender shells based on D&D monsters. Which of course means that they became an adventuring party to give them a cover to track rumors and hunt the 'cons down. I've considered art of this group, but I'd want to commission it and to do that I's want to work out transformations and find appropriate artists.
Hardrock - The hard-nosed leader of the group. Dwarf pretender shell. Altmode is a H-tank. Brown and green color scheme, uses an axe and has a viking-looking head
Strata - Personality similar to Lander form Masterforce. Elf pretender shell. Spaceplane alt mode, with a blue and gold color scheme. Uses a "laser foil" like Captain Harlock's rapier
Foxfire(yes, I reused the name) - The resident hot-blooded rookie. Female, with a kitsune pretender shell. Dragster alt-mode. Shell has a red/orange/yellow scheme, was considering making the bot mode white/gold. Uses a energy crossbow.
Unnamed as of yet - Overly curious and naive young scientist/medic. Cleric-themed pretender shell. Alt mode is a helicopter, and robot mode has a cockpit chest.
Other unnamed member - Didn't really nail a personality fully down for this one. Armored riding cat pretender shell. Robotic panther alt mode. Often forced to be left at the stables, and has a constant chip on his shoulder about that and being forced to be treated as a mount by the group when among the general population.


is there any chance you have copies of these I could download? so much of my lost artwork in there....

#2 and #4 are available as PDFs on (I tried to upload them here but they're about 40MB each, over the site's upload limit). I can't find any other sources for #1 and #3, though of course individual pages from the previous links can be screencapped.


GUYZ GUYZ I found some of the old concept art for my stuff! (Also added to the art thread reachable above.)




And, finally, the original concept from 2005 when it was just a passing thought:
2005-12-27 Doubleshift truck mode.png

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