The Pet thread

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I accidentally taught my peacocks to be a little more patient when waiting for me to drop what I'm doing and feed them.

A couple days ago I saw one walking up the driveway, so I put out some food without him having to call out to me.

Now they wait a few extra seconds before calling out to me, because they know I might show up without being called.


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I hate the fact this makes me want to get a dog. I in no way support getting a dog just to put them in a costume, and yet I still kinda wish I could get a dog just to put them in this costume.


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Here! Here! I'd rather be the crazy uncle of a pet than be the parent of a pet. I'm not responsible enough to do the whole pet-care thing.


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Picture will follow when my kittens moved in. They are much to young at the moment - born on last sunday.
They are a black male and his brother is a grey tabby. Don´t know how to name them.
Was thinking about give the black one the name Ravage...
They are spicy little fellas. Was visiting the breeder (good friend) yesterday and was allowed to hold the two kitten for a moment. Both hissed at me.
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