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I do feel it's worth noting that (assuming this is all accurate and true), getting a new 86 Arcee feels kind of...galling...after not only the last figure, but getting that figure two years in a row! It's not that I'm against another Arcee attempt or anything, but committing the resources to ANOTHER a mere year after a refresh of the same basic design is available? And for ARCEE no less? That's on top of the Bumblebee AND Prime versions out at the same time? Hell, Optimus Prime isn't even getting that many toys this year!

anyone else getting nostalgic for the times we DIDNT get an arcee?

*panics at Beast Inferno being shortpacked*

i wouldnt worry. may have to pay an upmark online, but at least he isnt an exclusive!

only 11 i want out of those lists. thats a plus. maybe 12 depending how perceptor comes out


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Those TF6 bots are all the Bumblebee Cybertron sequence bots, so... Yeah, pretty much G1 reduxes.

Ah. For some reason I was thinking TF6 was the upcoming Beast Wars-y one. Entire waves dedicated to character designs that weren't meant to be seen in full (much less transform) is even worse.

At least the Fallen is finally getting a toy maybe.


Also curious about Cyclonus Armada figure. The "Sweep" figure was a nice way to get a variant of Scourge out there, so I'm curious what they'll do to differentiate from the retail release.
Presumably, and hopefully, it's Cyclonus in toy colors. I've heard people like the toy, but the cartoon colors seem drab and wrong to me. I'd pick up a Selects version in dark blue.


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For Legacy Core I'm here for Iguanus, Skullgrin and Energon monster for sure. I have no interest in small figures of bigger guys.

For Deluxes I'm in for Skids, Pointblank, Crankcase and probably Energon Monster. Pretty much everyone else is a "Maybe, we'll see if they look better than the last version." The Prime characters are probably a pass for me.

Voyagers I'm interested in Blaster, Jhiaxus, and maybe BW Inferno.

I can't imagine Laser Prime or Dragon Megs being better than the originals so that just leaves me a maybe for Motormaster at the Big sizes.

That's a pretty low amount for me, but I could use the wallet break really.

Studio Series all the 86 guys are probable buys but all the rest are easy passes. Excited about Sludge.

Honestly other than Black Zarak the rest of those Selects are pretty unexciting sounding. There's not mush surprise, coolness or personality there.

-ZacWilliam, hopefully there will be some more exciting surprises here or there.


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My must have figures are BW Tarantulus and Inferno (to finish out that set), Prime Arcee (Been trying to aquire a version of her for awhile) and Perceptor (I gotta get that giant nerd.) Might add TF6 Wheeljack to this list.

I'd like to keep going wtih the core class G1 figures (Skywarp, Shockwave, Hot Rod, Ratchet), for no other reason than they look good next to the Ark.

I don't want to pay $168 for a Menasar.. but I'm probably going to pay $168 for a Menasar.

If Core G2 Megatron is a new mold that's more in style with the actual G2 Megatron, I'll probably pick him up. If he's just a repaint, then pass. I'd feel obligated to get TM2 Megatron is we knew of more TM2 characters coming out, but right now he'd be an anomaly.

I was thinking of starting a full TF Prime collection of show characters, but man that sounds like an undertaking. I may nip that plan in the bud due to cost/space issues.

There's a handful of other figures (the energon monsters, the various other Arcee's, Elita-1, Laser Optimus) that I'd need to see before I can decide if I want them.

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I'm guessing '86 Arcee is going to be a redeco of the Earthrise figure. I can't imagine them putting out three new Arcee molds at the same time (Prime, '86, TF6)
I think that would be even MORE insulting than getting a new figure. It's not a great toy, and as a character, has no reason to be released for a third time in three years. Arcee is a prominent character, but to see as many toys in a year as Starscream or Optimus Prime? And with a toy vastly inferior to the recent Starscream and Optimus toys?

I wonder if Hasbro will do some shuffling, they still have ample time to rejigger their fall line ups.
I can't imagine Laser Prime or Dragon Megs being better than the originals .
To be fair, both I think would benefit from changes. It's just that I think said changes start to skew into "personal preferences" or "nitpicks of the originals" than any overt weaknesses on the toys themselves. Laser Prime could do with improved articulation and maybe deco. The Titans Return and Generations releases showed that you can do some interesting stuff with the deco.

I had Cryotek back in the day...and I think the figure suffers from the "getting in its own way" issue a LOT of those late Beast era toys tended. I think he is one figure where a new approach would make for a potentially better toy by using some of the "streamlining" techniques we've seen in the brand this past half decade or so.
a Dragon Megatron should mean an inevitable Selects Cryotek at some point right?
To be fair, there have been a LOT of seemingly "inevitable" Selects we still haven't seen or heard about. Like a ton of seekers, but also more simple things like a "Predacon Rhinox", or Slicer, or Detritus, or (as of now) one of the many toy repaints of Dinobot they could use the Grimlock head tooling on.
I'm not sure if its a perceived demand issue (they've been sticking to Diaclone and former rare exclusive repaints or notable core character repaints the past year or so), an "agenda issue" (ie, someone just doesn't want to do some stuff, which is totally a thing in toy development, see the Star Wars Cloud Car), a manufacturing allocation issue or a combination of all that.

But at this point, I think there is NO such thing as an "inevitable" Selects toy. Personally, I'm holding a small candle that we might see Hasbro retool Dragontron with stuff and extra accessories to evoke the season 1 Beast Machines look.
Cryotek is probably a ton more likely.


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The problem with Laser Prime is on top of being a great figure with nearly modern articulation (slap some ankle rockers on that bad boy and you're basically there), but he had the coolest trailer out of any Prime in history. That thing was a fully loaded battlestation that also looked like a rad oil tanker.

We'll be lucky if this version even HAS a trailer, and if it does it'll probably be an empty box.

The more I think about it , the more Laser Prime is probably going to disappoint people.


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I look forward to so many of these guys, but I gotta wonder...will Clampdown be the Siege version of the mold, or the Kingdom version? I suspect Kingdom, but time will tell.


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I was hoping to see a toy-colors Selects Slag, personally. Or even a G2 version.
I'm not expecting to see anything like that until after all five of the Dinobots are eventually released. If folks knew for sure other versions of those characters were coming, then they would wait for those, and Hasbro doesn't want that happening at all.:LOL:


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and more!

Tra Gen legacy Dlx Minerva x8

Tra Gen Dlx Red Card 1 x8
Tra Gen Dlx Red Card 2 x8
Tra MPM Blackout x2

Tra Gen velocitron Burnout x2
Tra Gen velocitron Road Rocket x2
Tra Gen velocitron Blurr x2
Tra Gen velocitron Clampdown x1
Tra Gen velocitron Cosmos x1

Tra Gen Velocitron Override x2
Tra Gen Velocitron Road Hauler x1

Tra Gen Velocitron Black Convoy x2

Wave 1:
G1 Galvatron x2
G1 Shockwave x2
Redeco Megatron x1
Redeco Optimus Prime x1

Wave 2:
Prime Optimus Prime x2
Prime Megatron x2
G1 Shockwave x1
G1 Galvatron x1

Wave 3:
G1 Thundercracker x2
Nemsis Prime x2
Prime Optimus prime x2

Wave 4:
Prime Dark Energon Megatron x2
G1 Cliffjumper x2
G1 Thundercracker x2

Tra Gen BW vintage Terrorsaur x6
Tra Gen BW vintage Tarantulas x6
Tra Gen BW vintage Cybershark x6
Tra Gen BW vintage K-9 x6

Hasbro Pulse
Tra Gen SG Dlx Wheeljack x8
Tra Gen SG Voy Soundwave x6
Tra Gen SG Voy Blaster x6
Tra Gen SG Ldr Ultra Magnus x2

Tra Shine:
Soundwave vs Optimus Prime x2
Bumblebee vs Starscream x2

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