The Leaked Listings Thread

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A non-parts forming ER Ironhide with Siege-esque square chest would be ideal.

Toss in some extra accessories (shuttle pistols, maybe some effect hands, damaged chest, etc) to bump up to Voyager price and I’d buy it.


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Being its Studio Series, its likely to be as close to the cartoon version as possible...

...but I would be fine if they did a better re-creation of the original toy's battle sled.

Honestly, Im more interested in the rumored Core-class Ironhide. Im much more interested in filling out the G1 cast at that scale.


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I wish I couldn't. Both WFC Ironhide's are adequate at best. I can imagine a really Jazz/Hot Rod good one at Voyager SS budget that I would definitely want.

-ZacWilliam, doesn't mean we'll get it but I think they could possibly pull it off.

WHY must you tempt the Hasbro gods so?

The existing figure(s) are fine...but after seeing Hot Rod? They can certainly make a much more impressive Ironhide given the Voyager budget.

Can we just assume that anything from the 86 movie is fair game at this point? When we going to get another Prowl?

I suppose it's true that I CAN imagine a really, really great new Ironhide mold. But I've been trying to cut back on re-buying characters I already have unless they pass some imaginary, ill-defined threshold of "better enough" than the old one. I'd say the Earthrise Ironhide did about 90% of what I want an Ironhide toy to do. Even if this new Ironhide is a perfect 100%, I don't know that the extra 10% is worth it for me currently.

Instead, I'll skip it and regret it 10 years from now when he's going for $150 on ebay.


When the shuttle crash lands and the cons start their attack! MMMMMM, I just had a sudden thought, in the movie, the cons adandon the shuttle after they are discovered, whatever happened to it, did a con hit Autopilot before bailing out? Or did it just crash somewhere?
To push autopilot in an attempt to save the bodies of 4 enemies you just slain doesn’t fit the cartoon Decepticons MO.

I would assume they let it crash and burn.


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Has anyone considered that the leaked MP Cliffjumper might be SS86? I mean, if we saw generic photos of Slag prior to a leak or announcement, would we have thought "SS" or "MP"?
Well, we have listings including full case breakdowns for Studio Series (as well as Legacy) well into the next year, and there's no Cliffjumper in any of those cases. That's hardly likely if the figure is already that far into development that we're seeing colored samples.

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Has anyone considered that the leaked MP Cliffjumper might be SS86? I mean, if we saw generic photos of Slag prior to a leak or announcement, would we have thought "SS" or "MP"?

Not really, it's literally a retool of MP Bumblebee (as in the limbs are the same tooling), it doesn't fit the SS86 parts count limits at all. Slag is nice, but he's pretty obviously not an MP.


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We know there is a Core Legacy Hot Rod, right? This seems plausible if that was originally developed as a Kingdom figure.

Not super-excited for a Core-class Hot Rod either way. Would much rather have a Core-class Blurr.


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Yeah this name was usually in rotation in the leaks, and there was a Hot Rod in the Legacy "mural" thing that came with the line announcement. But wow, confirmation and it seems to be due soon!

Hot Rod's transformation is easy enough to pull off at that scale, and if he's not sharing a mold with someone else (or at leaat was designed AS Hot Rod primarily) he's likely to be better just for that.

I look forward to it.


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We have news from fellow Seibertronian friend of a rumoured line of Amazon exclusives coming in next year (or later). It is a Wreckers themed line that will include two packs and the like. The Wreckers will all be redecos of previously released toys but there will be new tooling found on 2 fossilizers. Here is a breakdown of the characters rumoured to be in that line:

Deluxe Impactor redeco
Deluxe Leadfoot ( from kingdom mirage)
Deluxe Topspin
Deluxe Twintwist
Voyager Springer redeco
Voyager Bulkhead redeco
Fossilizer Mammoth
Fossilizer Spinosaurus

It is also rumoured that the jumpstarters will not have their traditional colours.


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Could be true, Hasbro has done weirder things. But it doesn't feel super likely, what with recolored Jumpstarters and new mold (or extensively remolded) Fossilizers.

-ZacWilliam, and all the titan master bearing guys involved and all. Maybe, but it feels "off" to me.


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Paleotrex and Ractonite would be very easy retools into the Spinosaurus and mammoth, respectively.
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