The Leaked Listings Thread


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Posting some quick pics of my newest box.
RoadRanger, Silverstreak, Shadowpanther and Puffer the Chad. I love all of these figures and a great way to end Kingdom and start my birthday month. I’ll be taking more pictures soon and also more on my twitter. 97590E68-9B15-44EF-81BE-EEB05A385E29.jpegC0AA69B0-9216-49E0-8B3F-E95DE0052826.jpeg


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I still want to see a box or an official listing confirming the name Silverstreak. I need it to be true.
It’s Silverstreak but the line he is gonna be in isn’t confirmed since these early copies are actual prototype-type figures and not mass releases


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It’s a dumb exclusive IMO but lord knows that doesn’t necessarily means it’s fake.


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looking at the leaked listings for the Legacy Stunticons, and known that Hasbro never only use a mold once; i cant help but wonder what redeco options are on the table?
G2 again?
Shattered Glass?
Masquerade Autobots?

or maybe the Stunty Bois wont get a team based redeco? maybe it'll just be the individuals that get repainted into random stuff with no cohesion.


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There hasn’t been a Commander Class repaint yet, so Motormaster would break the mold there.

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Has any more information come out about this?

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Y’know, I miss the days when the design team just did some wacky stuff. I might be in the minority, but I kind of dig that, and wouldn’t be adverse to a “Magnus Prime” with retooled trailer section. Doesn’t have to be a PMOP thing, but maybe something evocative of the Combiner Wars Battle Core deco? New head, new missile pods/shoulder cannons?, and maybe some tweaks to the chest.

But unless a straight remake of something, I’m not sure that’s something we’d see from the current design team.

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I have to be honest, I am baffled why they've picked Cybertron Metroplex to make a new, bigger toy of. He wasn't even very popular at the time, this is less accurate than the existing toy and it'll be made with more hollow materials. The design is rubbish.


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$190 for a new remake of a toy that was unpopular and heavily clearanced in its original release 15 years ago. Is it targeted at people who were 7 when the original came out? Do they have enough nostalgia for this thing to be viable?

Also the "Legacy" logo is weird. Looks more like something from a fantasy toyline than Transformers.


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Family Dollar has all the leaks lol

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It looks great. But sadly I’ll have to pass on him since my UT collection isn’t big enough to have another Titian. Now. I’ll definitely take that rumored Metrotitian from him.
I’m digging the new Logo and theme. Purple and energy.
But 190$ is a lot for a Titan. Sad prices are going up

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