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Just got my clear KO SS Sentinel Prime in the post. I had to unscrew the left knee joint and put it the right way round, shave off some extra plastic on the left elbow (which was impeding the mushroom joint) and file away some extra plastic on one of the tyres. Unlike the regular version of this KO, this didn't come with the extra, downsized upgrade kit weapons.

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I also noticed that the official version has a fold-up "crane" on the back of the robot, whereas the KO version doesn't.

Here's a link to it at SnowZ:


And here's a vid, which is basically a slideshow of the same pics at ShowZ:

Not gonna lie, this thing slaps.


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Here's another recent review of a set of (possibly retro?) KO BW Bat Primals:


If anyone has these for sale, please let me know!
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