The Flint Dille Collection


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One year ago, Sunbow Productions alumni Flint Dille began auctioning off items from his nearly 40 year career in animation, RPG and computer game writing. Listed below are the items that have been contributed by owners to the Sunbow Marvel Archive.

If there are owners of relevant auctioned items not listed here that wish to contribute. Please let me know via PM

Listed in chronological order.

Mister T (cartoon, Ruby-Spears)

Mystery Of The Forbidden Monastery full script

MP 700 The Transformers

35 Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 - Additional Material section storyboard

MP 5206 Inhumanoids

05 The Evil Eye full storyboard (final revision, missing pages 101-106)
06 Primal Passions full storyboard (final revision, complete)

870108 Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light

Show Bible
Unproduced script 01: The Magic Unloosed
Unproduced script 02: The Powers Bestowed
Unproduced script 03: The Dark Hand Of Treachery

Full scripts:
01 The Age Of Magic Begins
02 The Dark Hand Of Treachery
03 Quest For The Dragon's Eye
07 The Overthrow Of Merklynn
10 Trail Of The Three Wizards
11 Honor Among Thieves


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