The COVID Vaccination Thread

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So apparently some right-wing tool on Breitfart wrote a piece using insane troll logic to blame the death of unvaccinated Republican voters on the Democrats.

The logic goes like this:
1) Fewer Republican voters are good from a Democrat perspective, because less Reps means more Dems, relatively speaking.
2) Therefore, more dead Republicans are good for the Democrats in the long run.
3) Thus, the Democrats are pushing really hard for people to get vaccinated, knowing that if they are saying it, many Republicans will refuse is just out of spite to "own the libs".
4) Therefore, in pushing for people to get vaccinated, the Democrats are deliberately ensuring many Republican voters will be opposed to it just out of principle, thereby making sure the Democrat voters (who are largely vaccinated) have a better chance of surviving Covid than the unvaccinated Republican voters.



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So their argument is basically "Republican voters are idiots with no capacity to think for themselves and will just blindly do the opposite of what Democrats say and Democrats should not take advantage of that"? Interesting.

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You may test that assumption at your convinience.
So: alberta's premier has been basically panned as the worst handling of the pandemic in canada. In function: he was republican. Struck down the restrictions entirely too quickly and then refused to do anything to protect his population when the virus surged upward again. He has replaced his health minister. Cause it's apparently the fault of the doctors that he ignored.

The other side of that coin is: the population is now calling for him to resign. Let's just see where this goes.


At least there are political repercussions in Canada for botching COVID response, there is absolute no consequences for the governors of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Idaho who have turned their hospitals into overflowing charnel houses. Desantis is probably the favorite to be the next GOP presidential candidate.

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Shouldn't surprise anyone. These people are idiots after all.

Ironbite-who'll get a lot of innocent people killed.

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
And the absolute BEST PART of the article was that they have now STOPPED vaccinations at that pharmacy... because the doucheknuckle beat up the only nurse that works there.
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