The COVID Vaccination Thread

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wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
It depends on where you are in the states. In some places, there was no real drop in case load between the first and second, so there you would functionally be on 5. In some places: they fought every attempt to stay alive, so still on 1.


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My mother just tested positive for COVID.

double-masked everywhere, double-vaccinated AND double-boostered. still not good enough.

She's 67 and a cancer survivor.

I extend the biggest possible **** YOU to every single anti-mask anti-science person for endangering her, my dad, their coworkers and the rest of the family.

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That thing Ratchet needed.
Indeed, I hope your mum recovers quickly and is not left with any lingering side-effects.

My boss tested positive last week, after managing to avoid catching Covid throughout this entire pandemic.
I hear he's having a pretty rough go of it, so that's not good for him.

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