The COVID Vaccination Thread

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wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
It depends on where you are in the states. In some places, there was no real drop in case load between the first and second, so there you would functionally be on 5. In some places: they fought every attempt to stay alive, so still on 1.


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My mother just tested positive for COVID.

double-masked everywhere, double-vaccinated AND double-boostered. still not good enough.

She's 67 and a cancer survivor.

I extend the biggest possible **** YOU to every single anti-mask anti-science person for endangering her, my dad, their coworkers and the rest of the family.

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That thing Ratchet needed.
Indeed, I hope your mum recovers quickly and is not left with any lingering side-effects.

My boss tested positive last week, after managing to avoid catching Covid throughout this entire pandemic.
I hear he's having a pretty rough go of it, so that's not good for him.



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...A combination COVID-19 booster dose that targets the ancestral strain of SARS-CoV-2 and the initial omicron variant, BA.1, appears to outperform the current booster against both of those versions of the virus, Moderna reported Wednesday.

Specifically, Moderna says the combination booster increased neutralizing antibodies against omicron 8-fold, while the original booster only increased antibody levels around 4.4-fold...

A committee of independent, expert advisers for the Food and Drug Administration voted overwhelmingly in favor of authorizing the two-dose Novavax COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, with 21 of 22 committee members voting in favor of the vaccine and one member abstaining.

The endorsement is only for a two-dose primary series in adults, not for boosters. The FDA is not obligated to follow the advice of its committee—the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC)—but the agency typically heeds its advice. If the FDA authorizes the vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will need to sign off on use before it becomes available...


A conversation I just had on Reddit gave me a brilliantly evil idea: What if we made gun ownership contingent on proof of vaccination?

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The bold ever fight on, their lives echoed in song
They'll somehow conclude that Big Pharma is trying to take their guns and start shooting up hospitals.


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Florida has basically seceded in every way that doesn't involve cutting us off from federal money or losing our seats in congress.

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So, despite my best efforts, someone in my mother's quilt group (and I also learned she was being more lax with masking than she should have been) had "da vid" and ended up spreading it to a bunch of people. Including my mother, who infected me.
Symptoms started on Saturday, but the COVID test turned negative. Retested today, and it was positive. Symptoms are mostly severe cold (congestion, cough, headache), though today I've lost taste.

So, yay! Guess I won't need a booster for a while.


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Someone tell Cancun Cruz to stop making SNL material, they're on hiatus.
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