The Batman Will Rise in March 2022!

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While I like the theme, what I find interesting is that the main four note portion of it is versatile. It sounds like itself but has a wholly different tone if played differently, like the piano variant in the end credits or even in the quieter parts of the full 6 minute theme. It's a theme that can be used like animation will often shift around a character's theme based on a scene's mood.
That's a clear throwback to what Shirley Walker did with Batman TAS. Something else is that I felt the film struck that nice "timeless" angle. Yes, everyone is using cellphones, but you also have cops that look like they stepped out of the 70s (for a VAST majority of the country, cops do NOT dress like that). Most of the buildings have a dingy, gothic feeling, while at the same time, you have Batman using micro-camera equipment that can be put on a contact lens.

Though I'll admit, I'd love for a Batman movie to embrace the fact that some of his villians are super powered or monstrous. I'm starting to get tired of this hardcore focus on realism, and trying tone down a lot of the more fantastical elements. But we're potentially getting away from the Grimdark crusader, maybe we can slowly amp up to more fantastical villians.


Also, if they do do Robin... I kinda want them to go for Jason Todd. Dick Grayson gets all the love in media adaptations when they do Robin. I wanna see something different (much like with the villains) and Jason Todd seems the perfect candidate for Robin. Batman wants to be different, wants to be a symbol for hope and peace to help Gotham heal its scars. Well here we have a petty theif from a broken and abusive family, who has the sheer balls to try and steal from Batman... He's basically the embodiment of Gotham, the exact kinda person that if older probably would have been one of Riddler's followers. So take him in, train him to use his skills and anger to help make Gotham a better place. And no, I don't just want him to be brought in to be killed by Joker. I don't want him brought in just to make him Red Hood. I want to see Jason actually be used as a character who plays off of Bruce's desire to do and be better. It shouldn't be easy, it should be a struggle, but they should both make the other better.
That's what I said weeks ago :p Killer Croc, Grundy, hell, featuring Man-Bat would be amazing with this director and his horror angle.

Even within the realm of more "grounded" villains, you can "ground" Killer Croc to a degree. But we also have guys like Zsaz (traditionally a serial killer more like the Riddler we just got) or the Mad Hatter. Scarface/Ventriloquist would be a REALLY fascinating one to play with.

I like your idea with Jason Todd. And I could see how they could incorporate the Court of Owls angle as well. Imagine a film where Batman and Robin are investigating capturing villains until they end up facing the Joker. Todd would be willing to kill Joker, but Batman stops him. This could create wedge that would drive Robin to the Court of Owls (leading to the Red Hood persona).


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Somehow blanked on Croc, intentionally left out Grundy becuase 'actual zombie' might be a big harder to justify. Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, can all be 'science gone wrong', but not sure how to ground Grundy. I somehow keep forgetting about Zsasz even though he is a favorite 'minor' rogue ; and yes a very well done Scarface/Ventriloquist is certainly needed and would be awesome in the right hands. That's part of my issue with the Batman movies; Batman has a lot of truly fascinating rogues, guys that could easily carry a good story if given a chance even if they seem 'lame' on the surface like Ventriloquist does. Like I can understand why someone would pass on him or even Mad Hatter as examples; surface level they feel like joke characters, but when done right they are just as dangerous as anyone else Batman fights. I want to see people tackle the B and C list villians, and remind people just how strong Batman's rogue gallery is.

And I've always liked Jason, I like that he's not a tradtional Robin, that he clashes with Batman's idealistic desires with a usually more realistic and grounded, if violent, view. I don't hate any Robin (yes, I even like Damien for many of the same reasons I like Jason) But Dick Grayson as Robin is largely the most boring of them all. He's basically just Batman jr. It's not til he decides to do his own thing that he starts to actually grow as a character and become interesting. It's part of why I want to skip him, he basically has the same origin story as Batman and there's not a whole lot of story there; which is likely why the Chris O'Donnel version seems to take some of Jason's personality. And I don't mean to belittle Dick, he's became a great character that has strongly built on that boring foundation.

Jason has always felt the most in need of being Robin. And that's part of what I like about him and why my idea kinda focuses on that. Jason needed something good in his life, something positive he can focus all his energy into. He is a great reflection of Batman and Batman's world; and is the easiest to work into a noir-esque somewhat grounded reality.


Also if people aren't, you need to check out Wayne Family Adventures; an offical Batman Webcomic that focuses more on the family dynamics of the Bat family.

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