The Batman Will Rise in March 2022!

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Starting up a new thread as recent developments these past few weeks have started to reignite the hype machine for the new film from director Michael Reeves. This weekend will see the premiere of a new trailer during DC Fandome. Our first new look at the film in nearly two years. There were leaks of Spin Master's 4" scale Batmobile with figure. And Lego posted preorders for the entire "The Batman" range, possibly including some spoilers or sneak peaks at characters/events from the film.

I'm a sucker for a Batman movie, and the attached talent is of a particularly high quality with this outing.

The film remains set for March 4, 2022. Which kind of surprises me given the kind of tentpole Batman films tend to be. Then again, with a reported budget of some $100 million (WELL below most recent Bat-films), maybe WB felt it would be a safer bet than trying to compete in an increasingly heavy summer slate (including things like WB's own Black Adam).

Steevy Maximus

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So, Film Theory did a big analysis for The Batman last year. Given what we've seen from the film...they might not be too far off...


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The latest trailer and some plot theorising does seem like this new early Batman will have his moral code tested to the limit.

Having the Court of Owls wouldn’t be surprising, since they’re getting a big push recently. Like the Gotham Knights game.

I really, really don’t want them to make his parents corrupt. I like Bruces parents being the straight arrows who die because of the corruption of Gotham. Not yet another tarnished set of do gooders who aren’t really good.

Making Bats look as if he murdered somebody is something i could see happening. But having him break his ‘no kill’ rule in year two? How do you get Batman to come back from that once its done?


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I like the Batmobile. That might seem like a minor thing but using a modified muscle car seems like the movie gets Batman, compared to the military hardware of the Tumbler. While I liked Batman Begins and the The Dark Knight, the Nolanverse always had an air of trying too hard with "realism". At times that clashed with the clearly over the top elements and why I didn't enjoy The Dark Knight Rises. While these are just trailers, it feels like the heart is in the right place and it's using the darkness well.

I'd also hate to see the Waynes made corrupt. However, one thing I would be okay with is if they were made a few dark deals but were doing so with a genuine intention of doing good.

On Batman killing, the way they could come back from it is if they did like the incorrect prediction for Man of Steel's follow up: Killing someone is the act that leads to the No Killing as a "never again". Not what I'd want but it could work. Also, movie Batmen do have body counts.
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