The 3rd Party Toy Picture thread

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Can't touch this.
3rd time's the charm.



Got my sharky boi in late. Still better late than never. Good build and a pleasant transformation though the unpainted blue face was hideous and the light piping's just too dark.


Arm mode's what you would expect at this point in the game. The hands are really articulated and have zero ball joints which is always a bonus. Giving Abominus claws was also well overdue.

This is the worst color-coordinated combiner gun ever though.
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better be with that equally massive price tag! i was thinking about getting it until i saw how much it was


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I am drooling over that Grimlock. Still waiting for BBTS to ship mine. I cannot wait for their Sludge to get released.


Can't touch this.
I think BBTS has a decent customer care service. QC on Grimlock appears to be mixed. Most are pretty much okay aside from the universally loose ab joint but the ones that are hugged up are really hugged up. LRelatively common for arms to break off, probably because of how absurdly tight the ratchet joints are.

Finished painting the sword and had some time to take it apart to tighten the ab crunch and paint the eyes a more reflective red. The ears weren't bad but it bothered me how easy they were to knock out of alignment so I tightened those as well. Swapped red fingers onto the black back of hands because i didn't like how the sword handle blended with the red hands into a red blob but also wanted to keep some of the original intent. Besides, this design needed more color.
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The rifle mode of K-01 "Berserker Ace" not-Vos, in the alternate color scheme. It was, unsurprisingly, a fiddly and painful-on-fingers transformation, but it does fire little bullets a decent distance (6-7 meters fired horizontally from shoulder level, estimated muzzle velocity of 12 m/s). The scope is about a 2x magnification. Once properly transformed, this mode is pretty solid. The robot mode is a little "Oh, wait, we forgot gravity" in places. It stands fine (although I think I might have damaged an ankle during transformation, so it might not stand great once I get around to transforming it back), but can't really hold up its cannon weapon, and the scope slung over the shoulder sags badly...needed more than one peg.

And now, for lulz, the bullets before and after assembly:

By NBK, otherwise known only for a Devastator mold. I got it on AliExpress for about $100 after came with a bag of screws so I could finish assembling it.



There's news of the new TransArt Toys Transmetal Rattrap. Saw on Facebook.


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so, i got this Holy grail of mine on last tuesday, and god dammnit, is this a satisfying figure. He´s just perfect, might be my Armada bias talking, but this is everything i ever wanted out of MY Megatron, even fits perfectly with my chug collection (that means that he´s much bigger than a lot of the CHUG figures)Bild_2022-02-07_173224.pngBild_2022-02-07_173246.pngBild_2022-02-07_173716.pngBild_2022-02-07_173310.pngBild_2022-02-07_173323.pngBild_2022-02-07_173333.pngBild_2022-02-07_173354.png


Everyone has a story if you pay attention.
This is what I love about 3rd party in general and Fans Hobby in particular: we get the figures that Takara will probably never make Masterpiece versions of.


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I want that Megs, but I cannot justify that price at this time. Nuclear Blast Optimus is also amazing. Got him for a birthday.
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