TFNation 2022 (First Draft of TF:TM explained)

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My head canon used to be that Bluestreak and Huffer died giving Hound and SS cover, long enough for them to get to the space bridge, arrive at Cybertron, hitch a ride to Moon Base 1, and that’s how Prime found out about the attack — that Blaster’s transmission didn’t make it past Earth orbit or something.

Oh the joys of the 90’s and early 2000’s, looking for ways to reconcile a cartoon from your childhood.
I always assumed the road crew (minus Kup) got stuck outside the city. When arriving on Earth Primes shuttle rescues them, but not before Huffer is killed.

One thing I think I actually do like about the concept of this script, is the idea that it attempts to start off like just a regular episode of the series, and then kinda rug pulls you.

This does have a lot more S1 vibes in many parts.


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In all seriousness, it is neat to see what is essentially the "Pokemon Gold Prototype" for the Transformers movie.


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Here's something else fun that Chris McFeely hosted at TFNation, the Matrix Test:

My score:

The ones that stumped me or I ran out of time before realizing the answer were
1.5 (didn't recognize the commonality), 2.4 (didn't remember their names until time ran out), 2.5 (didn't recognize the picture), 3.4 (failed to recognize the pattern), and 5.8 (thought too hardly about the R to realize who it was before time ran out).
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I've been given clearance for the next stage of showcasing this script. Back in January 2021, I completed a 16k word detailed outline of the script, having read all 210 pages thoroughly to make sure nothing was missed. Done my best to approach it impartially and from the perspective of someone reading it when it was received in February 1985. With no reference to what came later, save for the little sub-headings I've put on the story beats.
Now at last, I can show my work to the public:




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Well. That was a fun read. And I’d love to see this adapted into an alternate universe retelling of the original movie, after a few revisions. Gonna spoiler tag my big takeaways since I don’t want to ruin it for those who want to read it too.
So I really liked the fact no pre movie characters die except Prime. It feels less like a movie “to sell toys” and more like just a normal (if you can call it that) movie script. Ironic that featured characters like Prowl, Ratchet, and Brawn specifically mentioned in your summary don’t survive the final movie.

I also liked the fact 84 characters had stuff to do. Huffer, Gears, etc actually had speaking lines and took part in action sequences.

Did I miss the destruction of Cybertron in the slides? First I caught that was reading this today.

Sad that they’re a couple of missing pages. I can see those having been turned in to other parties for revision, since they seem to come at important parts of the script.

Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated.


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I'm not going to pretend that this would have been better than the movie we got, but Unicron was a much better villain here, and I feel Ultra Magnus and Galvarton have a stronger rivalry. I agree that an adaptation would be really cool to see.
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