Sunbow and Marvel Script/Storyboard Archive (TF sections)

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The Beginning
Marvel Comics original treatment (modern reproduction)
Marvel Comics issue 1 commercial, full storyboard
Hasbro Briefing Binder
Toyfair Catalogue 1984

The Pilot
4023-4024-4025 More Than Meets The Eye full script (revised 13.03.84)

The Interim
MP Internal Correspondence on series development (30.04.84, transcript)
Writer's Bible (Season 1 cast only)
Brian Ray storyboard test (uses MTMTE part 1 for story)

Season 1
01 Transport To Oblivion full script X 2 (revised 08.06.84, final 22.06.84)
02 Roll For It full script X 2 (reconstructed first draft + final)
03 Divide and Conquer full script (final)
04 Fire In The Sky full script X 2 (unedited original + final)
05 S.O.S Dinobots full script (revised Friedman), full storyboards
06 Fire On The Mountain full script (revised Friedman)
07 War Of The Dinobots full script X 2 (unedited original + final)
08 The Ultimate Doom, part 1 full script (final)
09 The Ultimate Doom, part 2 full script (final)
10 The Ultimate Doom, part 3 full script (final)
11 Countdown To Extinction full script (final)
12 A Plague Of Insecticons full script (final)
13 Heavy Metal War full script (final), full storyboards

Toyfair Catalogue 1985

Season 2
18 City Of Steel full storyboard
21 The Immobilizer storyboard samples
23 Atlantis, Arise! full storyboard
24 Day Of The Machines full script X 2 (reconstructed first draft + revised Friedman)
25 Enter The Nightbird partial script X 2 (reconstructed first draft + revised Friedman, missing pages 40-42)
Transformers New Product Addendum (show bible supplment)
26 A Prime Problem partial script (missing pages: Cover, Cast, 1, remaining pages after 34)
27 The Core partial script (missing all pages before 15)
28 The Insecticon Syndrome full script (revised Friedman)
29 Dinobot Island, part 1 full script (revised Friedman)
30 Dinobot Island, part 2 full script (revised Friedman)
31 The Master Builders full script X 2 (reconstructed first draft + revised Friedman)
32 Auto-Berserk full script X 2 (reconstructed first draft revised Friedman)
Series Update circular from Flint Dille (07.02.85)
33 Microbots full script (unedited)
34 Megatron's Master Plan, part 1 full script X 2 (reconstructed first draft + revised Friedman)
35 Megatron's Master Plan, part 2 - Additional Material section storyboard
36 Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 1 full script
37 Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 2 full script
38 Blaster Blues full script X 2 (first draft + revised Friedman)
Elaine Hultgren storyboard test - 4 page storyboard, uses Blaster Blues for story
39 A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court full script X 2 (first draft + revised Friedman)
40 The Golden Lagoon full script
41 The God Gambit X 2 (unedited original + revised Friedman)
42 Make Tracks X 2 (first draft + revised Friedman)
43 Child's Play full script
44 Quest For Survival full script
45 The Secret Of Omega Supreme full script
46 The Gambler full script
47 Kremzeek! full script
48 Sea Change first draft script, revised script, full storyboard
49 Triple Takeover full script
50 Prime Target full script
51 Auto-Bop full script
52 The Search For Alpha Trion full script
53 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide full script
54 Hoist Goes Hollywood full script
60 Cosmic Rust AKA Rust In Peace full script, full storyboard, 1st page of outline
61 30 Seconds Over Megatron AKA Starscream's Brigade full script (unedited)
62 The Revenge Of Bruticus X 2 (reconstructed first draft + final)
Dialogue scripts from all 65 episodes (call sheet available for Hoist Goes Hollywood)

The Movie
Second Ron Friedman outline (28.03.85)
Second Ron Friedman draft script (27.04.85)
Second Ron Friedman draft script revised (02.05.85)
Undated Sunbow revision script
Dialogue script (Walker Edmiston's copy)
Full storyboards (sequences 1-31)

Season 3
Five Faces of Darkness partial outline (covering parts 3 to 5)
86 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 full script
87 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2 full script
88 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3 full script
89 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 full script
90 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5 full script
The Eye Of The Beholder (unused premise, transcript)
92 Chaos outline (1st page of Act I, 1st page of Act II)
106 Fight Or Flee full script (final)
110 Grimlock's New Brain first page of outline
115 Return Of Optimus Prime, part 1 full script (final)
116 Return Of Optimus Prime, part 2 partial script (final, missing pages 12-18)
Cast list file (01-116)
Synopsis file (01-116)
Dialogue scripts from all 30 episodes (call sheets available on Chaos and Dark Awakening).
Toyfair catalogues 1986-1990

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Coming to the archive next month.

"We Transformers have looked into the face of our creators...and seen the face of an enemy."

FFOD teaser 1.jpgFFOD teaser 2.jpgFFOD teaser 3.jpgFFOD teaser 4.jpgFFOD teaser 5.jpg


Two weeks.
Five Faces.



The latest addition to the Archive. The Transformers New Products Addendum, the first supplement to the show bible containing profiles and models for the characters arriving in season 2. To be found at the Part 1 link.




Thanks to an ebay store selling off a handful of scripts by writer and then-Sunbow Producer Doug Booth, I've managed to win and add the full script for season 2 episode Sea Change to the Sunbow Marvel Archive.

As Doug notes in his covering letter, the finished first draft runs 57 pages (down from 71). So we're talking a rough runtime of 28 minutes. 6 or 7 minutes of deleted scenes lie within.

With thanks to Jim Sorenson for storage and scanning.




Hot on the heels of the City Of Steel storyboard set come two more to the Sunbow Marvel Archive. Sold from the collections of Marvel storyboard artist Brian Ray and Sunbow producer Doug Booth respectively.

With thanks to Ryan King and Jim Sorenson.

First up is the season 1 episode S.O.S Dinobots. Clearly a rush job, requiring six artists (David Russell, Doug Lefler, Gerald Moeller, Lindsay Dawson, Bob Smith and Brian Ray). This 141-page set chronicles the construction of the Dinobots and their subsequent rescue of the Autobots after an attempt to stop the Decepticons stealing hydro-electric energy goes wrong.

Next up is Sea Change, Doug Booth's story of love between Seaspray and the alien mermaid Alana. Drawn by the mysterious "K", this massive 160-page set is packed with deleted scenes, carried over from the first draft script added to the Archive earlier this month. Those of you who have read the first draft script may be disappointed (or relieved) to learn that Baby Bumblebee and his parents will not be making an appearance in these boards.

To view both, head on over to: The Sunbow Marvel Archive: MP 700 The Transformers, Part 1 1984 - 1985 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

SOS Dinobots Storyboards_Page_1.jpgSOS Dinobots Storyboards_Page_2.jpgSOS Dinobots Storyboards_Page_3.jpgSOS Dinobots Storyboards_Page_4.jpgSOS Dinobots Storyboards_Page_5.jpgSea Change storyboard_Page_1.jpgSea Change storyboard_Page_2.jpgSea Change storyboard_Page_3.jpgSea Change storyboard_Page_4.jpgSea Change storyboard_Page_5.jpg


In 2008, the Hartman Bros. sold off 7 script binders previously belonging to Bryce Malek. Containing first draft copies of all 62 scripts he worked on as story editor of the G1 cartoon during seasons 1 and 2.

The owner of Volumes 5 and 6 has kindly agreed to provide scans of the scripts within to the Sunbow Marvel Archive. As these binders contain 19 scripts - 14 of which have had no version online previously - completing the process will take time. Once a script is available at the Archive, it will be marked in bold below.

Come view what is available at:

Volume 5

MP#700-36 Desertion of the Dinobots – Part One
MP#700-37 Desertion of the Dinobots – Part Two
MP#700-38 Blaster Blues
MP#700-39 A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court
MP#700-40 The Golden Lagoon
MP#700-41 The God Gambit
(Previously available at the Archive via other sources, included for completeness)
MP#700-42 Make Tracks
MP#700-43 Child’s Play
MP#700-44 Quest for Survival
MP#700-45 The Secret of Omega Supreme

Volume 6

MP#700-46 The Gambler
MP#700-47 Kremzeek!
MP#700-48 Sea Change
MP#700-49 Triple Takeover
MP#700-50 Prime Target (formerly: Welcome to My Parlor)
MP#700-51 Auto-Bop
MP#700-52 The Search for Alpha Trion
MP#700-53 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
MP#700-54 Hoist Goes Hollywood

Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1 cover.jpgDesertion of the Dinobots Part 2 cover.jpgBlaster Blues (first draft) cover.jpgA Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court (first draft) cover.jpg41 - The God Gambit - first draft cover.jpg43 Child's Play cover.jpg44 Quest for Survival cover.jpg45 The Secret of Omega Supreme cover.jpg
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Haven't posted here in a while, but still been busy. I've been creating gallery pages for easier access to some of the material.

First the storyboards:

Here is the index page: ... llery.html

S.O.S Dinobots ... obots.html
Heavy Metal War: ... metal.html
City Of Steel ... ty-of.html
Atlantis, Arise! ... antis.html
Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 (Additional Material) ... trons.html
Sea Change: ... hange.html
Cosmic Rust: ... -rust.html

Transformers The Movie
Sequences 1-6: ... board.html
Sequences 7-8: ... rd_22.html
Sequences 9-15: ... rd_23.html
Sequences 16-21: ... rd_62.html
Sequences 22-26: ... rd_24.html
Sequences 27-31: ... rd_25.html

Briefing and reference binders, including the show bible and Ron Friedman's briefing book containing Bob Budiansky's earliest typewritten profiles:

Finally, the Hasbro Toyfair catalogues covering the G1 years:
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