Studio Series 86 Appreciation Thread


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Legacy could always surprise us with a "Comic Universe Autobot Ratchet"
True. Since that hasn't already happened, I was thinking of other possibilities, and the previous post about human characters (several of which hail specifically from the Marvel Comics) got me thinking along a different line....


though I'm not sure why all the wing symbols are facing, from my POV, the 'wrong way'.

Because in the realm of military aircraft insignia, if the insignia has a proper orientation, when displayed on horizontal surfaces the 'top' of said insignia is oriented towards the front of the aircraft. Like, for example, the top point of the star in the US military's insignia. (WWII-era insignia pictured, but the convention still stands)



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I would hazard a guess that this Wheelie will hold together better than TR Wheelie, but I'd say (initially) Titans Return wins in the looks department.


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Looking at that rear end, I wouldn't be surprised if originally it was designed to have the hands fold inward to close the gap under the rear hatch and make an actual faux bumper, but the extra parts for that got priced out of the design.


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Wow, this is just...bad. Isn't Studio Series supposed to be like, a little bit better than the average-release figure? For all of TR Wheelie's issues staying together, I think he's still the better representation. This version also fails my "are the hands sticking out of the back of the vehicle mode?" test that I put most modern Transformer figures through. I no longer support that level of lazy/cheap engineering, even if it's a character that I really like.
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......How are they continuing to find ways to make the toys look blockier than G1? Wheelie here is somehow worse too, since his vehicle mode is made of curves!


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I feel like the nose of the car mode is either mistransformed or missing a piece. It doesn't look right, even compared to the rest of the car mode itself, and definitely not the original. If this really is the finished product, someone ought to be reprimanded for an incomplete job.


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Yeah I'm hoping that's a non-final prototype, because, woof. Not that I was gonna buy a Wheelie anyways, the one I got from SS86 Grimlock is already more than I need. Can't imagine this one will sell well, being a fairly unpopular character and a pretty bad looking mold.

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