Studio Series 2022 First Look


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Concept Image of Studio Series GE-03 Gamer Edition War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (17)__scale...jpg

Concept Image of Studio Series GE-03 Gamer Edition War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (16)__scale...jpg

Concept Image of Studio Series GE-03 Gamer Edition War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (15)__scale...jpg

Concept Image of Studio Series GE-03 Gamer Edition War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (14)__scale...jpg

...This figure is brought to you by myself and the absolutely amazing Koki san over at TT.

We were able to rip the CAD from the original game to make sure we got Optimus's very tanky proportions correct.

One of things I thought was important was to make sure he came with his iconic melee axe that he used in the game. What I found interesting is that the Axe was different depending on if it was a cutscene or if he used it in game. Because of this, we made it so the Axe itself can convert to its Halberd style or the Butterfly style by simply folding the blades.

For the weapons in game, every cybertronian's arms would just convert to the weapon they picked up. All the right arms of the WFC SS figures can be removed to reveal a 5mm port at the elbow. (The removed arm can be stored on the back of the figure.) )Our goal is to make it so (as we continue forward with these characters) you'll amass all the different blasters from the game. Then these can of course be swapped onto any of the WFC SS figures.

Optimus also comes with the Matrix of Leadership that received in the game when becoming a Prime. I've included a photo of the back of the figure because I have a feeling folks are probably curious if he has the giant Autobot emblem engraved on his back. I'm sorry to say that he doesn't...This is because of how the vehicle mode parts are stored and they didn't leave much room for that detail, I'm sorry to say.

With all that out of the way, I hope you all are excited as we dive deeper into this beloved game series.

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On the other hand (I just as I type that realize I made a terrible joke) if it works like Studio Series Kup, people will be able to give him a dinosaur skull arm!


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There are literally no characters that could not be improved by the addition of a dinosaur skull arm. And not just Transformers. Imagine how much better Oliver Twist would be if he had a pachycephalosaurus head as an arm. Or Sherlock Holmes solving crimes while holding his trademark pipe in the mouth of a fossilized iguanadon.


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It's growing on me. I don't need such a baloony tanky Prime, but I kinda want this mold as somebody.


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Wonder if it would just be Ultra Magnus.

Who knows, thou I expect its unlikely as I believe there is a FOC desgin for the character and this studio series could include him, one day, but you never know, they might do a white repaint of the mold to milk it for all its worth


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FYI - gamer OP hit my BBTS pile of loot yesterday, about 3 months early.

He looks like he'll be the best of the first wave of these Gamer editions, out of the first three that is the one I'm most excited for because I felt the original mold was to small for such a epic looking verison of OP, thou I would hope Legacy at some point visits the War Within OP desgin, because those two are my favourte looking pre-earth OPs, well aside from the Armada debut appearance, when I first heard about the Seige Op being a pre-earth was I kind of exicited but then disapointed when I saw that it was more G1 Earth mode with extras attached, giving the appearance of him already been to earth and returned to Cybertron and during the course of countless battles taking damage and replacing parts to end up as he was no longer fighting on Earth, thus no need for him to hide the fact he is a alien robot going around as a truck


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This is probably my least favorite Optimus Prime design ever. The games were very fun but even back then I never liked this design at all. The upside of that is the fists in the back don't make me like it any less.

-ZacWilliam, Love the Cybertron from the games, with its transforming features, but the character designs have always been awkward and unpleasant IMO.

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