Studio Series 2022 First Look

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If he was a voyager instead of a leader I'd be tempted if I ever saw him in stores, so I'm kinda glad he's pricey enough to ward me off lol

The target version of the original voyager will remain the definitive version of The Fallen in my collection until we get one in legacy or something


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I opened 08 Blackout today, had him for ages but kept him in the packaging, he's a beauty, not perfect but definitely the figure I've wanted for over a decade.

Make a complete Decepticon set as well Hasbro, I dare you!
We'd get:
Leader Blackout (Grindor hands)
Voyager Megatron
Voyager Brawl
Voyager Starscream (all weapons from both previous molds)
Voyager Bonecrusher
Deluxe Barricade

That could be like as costly as the Constructicon set but maybe include two new core class figures as an added incentive: core class Scorponok with his robot mode and Frenzy with the tape deck mode.


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Few more Studio Series listings popped up.

Studio Series
Core DOTM Bumblebee
Core ROTB Hydra
Core Delta2
Voyager WFC Megatron
Voyager ROTB Rhinox

Studio Series '86
Core '86 Frenzy
Core '86 Ironhide
Deluxe '86 Brawn
Voyager '86 Ratchet



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Megatron wasn't near the top of my wfc wishlist as I really like the deluxe, but still interested in seeing how he turns out


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Add Studio Series WFC Optimus Prime and ROTB Wheeljack to the list.



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Even more listings!

Deluxe WFC Cliffjumper
ROTB Mirage
ROTB Nightbird

I think the two ROTB are also deluxes, I dunno.



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Reissue Jetwing OP is fantastic with how insane the aftermarket prices are, though I don't suppose Hasbro would've fixed the knees and grill to be less breakage-prone?

I've been hoping for Studio Series repaints, but all-grey Bonecrusher and Ratchet aren't terribly exciting.


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What a weird set of choices. Presumably they are both supposed to be NEST.

Yeah, I gotta assume they were both picked for being more or less military-adjacent vehicles (Ratchet could pass as a military ambulance with all the off-road provisions), so I see the logic there, it's just not anything particularly exciting.


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Movie Autobot 5-pack is in stock at Amazon. My preorder hit my account last night. It's about 2 weeks early.
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