Stargirl - Season 1 on DC Universe and The CW, Season 2 onward on The CW

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Saw the 12th ep. Someone here called it already but the revelation was still very gruesome. The final scene was chilling. Loved how it was done.

I don't get why the scene with Artemis tho. Just needed her out of the way?

We seriously barely got any Courtney lately! Geez! It's her show! I wouldn't have minded if it was the Crock Happy Time Family Hour though. Sigh.


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Watched the last episode just now after catching up with the season earlier this week. I kind of wish the villain lineup consisted more than the Icicle family and two others but it all came together to wrap up most of everything by the end. Obviously the last part with "Starman" and the cutaway to elsewhere was going to be a season hook to the next season if it had continued, but the final Scene was a good way to wrap it up in a bow while seeing a bit of what they may of had in mind to come. And who knows, maybe it will continue later in another form. Despite the Arrowverses Crisis, theres always more universes or timelines out there to explore as this series was to begin with. But I do think this was a good point to end it before it got too messy like the majority of the Arrowverse did before.

So now all that's left for DC on CW is to wrap the last season of The Flash. I don't have too high of hopes as they have burnt it out after the last few years, but here's hoping the last bastion of the Arrowverse has a good finale.... Oh wait Superman and Lois has season 3 coming too don't they. And that other Gotham academy or whatever...Is that still happening?


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I really wish this season had felt a little more like the last 5 minutes of this last episode. I liked that ending. And it seemed like it hinted at what season 4 might have been.

Sad to see Stargirl go. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

And, yeah, as far as we know Gotham Knights is still coming to the CW sometime in 2023. Weird since all the OTHER DC shows are wrapping up, but...I guess they're betting it all on Batman? Or Batman-adjacent characters, as the case actually is, I guess?

Fero McPigletron

Feel the fear!
Saw the 13th ep. I'm soooo glad the explanation at the end happened, or else the first scene did mean that Ultra Humanity lied and the really creepy repeated screaming scene meant a horrible, horrible nightmare for that poor guy.

I actually thought the body could regenerate the braincells, since it regenerated the dead flesh anyway. But where would the soul and memory be?

Yeah, just the icicle family was eh. They really shouldn't have killed all the other kid villains, haha

I was wondering why Artemis wasn't around but that got explained, haha. If they had the budget to go Darkest Night, we could have the Crocks return as undead. But then their bodies got turned to powder so no?

Sad to see the show go but it's ok.

Funny that Shipp can't get away from his role, haha. Good for him for always being around, hehe

There's still the Stargirl guest appearance in Titans, right? What ep would that be?
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