Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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Strange New Worlds season 2 will feature a crossover from Lower Decks!!!!! Holy Great Bird of the Galaxy!!!!!!!!!!

I've been away for a bit and missed this until Kalidor mentioned it in another thread. It breaks my brain, but I love it. This gives me vibes of the time Steven Universe crossed over with Uncle Grandpa, characters insisted it wasn't canon, and also a major plot point of the SU arc happened there.

The biggest thing that the latter half of SNW S1 really drove home for me, aside from delivering a right banger a week with at most one exception and giving us space pirate Abigail Thorne besides, was its versatility. Once they'd had a few episodes to establish a status quo, it seemed like each new episode was going to dip its toes into another genre completely, from suspense to comedy to war fiction to whatever form of stage acting presentation The Elysian Kingdom was. I don't know how SNW is going to meet LD, but the one thing I can't wait to see is which persona it's going to be wearing when it does, whether it'll be playing the straight-laced straightman to antics from another timeline, turn into an early episode of The Orville for an episode to meet LD where it is, or something I can't guess yet.
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