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I love this show, but man am I behind. It's harder for me to watch because Paramount won't put out an app for the PS5, and my PS4 is in storage. Not being able to watch this from my home office makes it less likely for me to catch up.
They have a Paramount app for iPhone and Android too. I just download the episodes to watch on my phone when I have time to kill.


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Normally I detest the constant so-called easter eggs and references - but this week's episode 08 did a good job with them. This was one of the best episodes yet and could have easily been a season finale (it's not).

I really liked the idea of those holo-pods because it's very close to what a VR setup today might be. And getting the original Borg Queen Alice Krige to do the role was a great touch.


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Judging by the end of the newest episode I'm going to assume a round of commendations for the Ceritos crew is out of the question.


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Yeah, that last episode...

"To Be Continued" - the classic end of season cliffhanger. That was the perfect touch.


Just finished Season 2 and really enjoying the show so far. Loved the episodes with Riker. When they showed Titan coming in guns a blazing I knew it had to be him in command. Suck a Riker / Kirk thing to do. Hilarious.

I can’t help but feel they ripped off the Orville and it’s comedic take on space adventures. But since Orville ripped off the other shows I guess it’s only fair. 😂
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