Sound off: Last TF you bought

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Studio Series Slug. Finally.
Before that was Covert Agent Ravage, preceded by Studio Series Gnaw with Wreck-Gar before him.
Next will be another Gnaw, if I can find one, this time for my son.


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Pulsecon Ravage shipped and should be here eventually. Finally bit the bullet and picked up Road Rage off ebay for $35 with free shipping, which was cheaper than I was exlecting to have to spend, so that's nice.


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Anyone else with their main Ravage have his beast mode legs put on wrong? Mine did, thou it was a easy fix popping the legs off and swapping them around, just wondering.:confused:


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Got Wreck-Gar a few weeks ago to have something to open today because BBTS is taking its sweet time getting Warudalegion in. He's one of those figures that makes me appreciate a job done solidly. He doesn't do anything super fancy and he doesn't need to, he's just a really good rendition of 86 Wreck-Gar.


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Well I didn't buy them myself but I got WFC Rodimus and T-Wrecks for Xmas.

Also my parents apparently ordered me Star Saber. Which is not as much a shock as when they got me Unicron but still pretty darn cool of them.

-ZacWilliam, so a low TF count this year but they're cool ones at least.


I'll think of something later.
Gnaw and an Optimus Prime model kit (Furai? I don't really know). No complaints.
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