Sound off: Last TF you bought

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The Phazer

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Kingdom Wave 3 arrived this morning. Stinker of a wave in general to be honest, everything feels extremely cheap and poor compared to waves 1 & 2.


The ark and wreckgar.

I like how they gave wreckgar a plastic bra lol.


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Just got the notice from Pulse that my Tricranius shipped. So him.

Hmm... I definitely want him, but despite loving them all as toys I also find myself oddly happy to now be done with Fossilizers. I think it's the lack of bios/personalities. It's a lot of toys to be all personality-less voids.

-ZacWilliam, and yeah I've sorta made up some, but I don't find that as fulfilling as actual official characters who are part of the TF Universe.

Shockwave 75

A roached G1 Slugslinger. Stickers are rough, he's totally discoloured, and he's missing his twin jet canopies (if anyone has some to spare let me know), and no Targetmaster (of course).

Anonymous X

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Bought Kingdom Galvatron, because I found a non-misassembled one. Probably should’ve held on for the Marvel comics-accurate one, having grown up reading Marvel UK, but, eh.

My girlfriend’s described Galvatron’s cannon-equipped arm as his “pasta arm”, as the cannon barrel looks like a piece of uncooked pasta to her.

The Phazer

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Hasbro UK shipped Road Rage this week and mine arrived this morning.

I think reports that she's a bit better than Tracks due to better tolerances have been exaggerated. Heck, on mine she can barely hold her gun without it falling out of her hand.

Internet Jesus

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My Buzzworthy Fangry just arrived and he's worth what I overpaid for him.

Fangry and Abominus/the Terrorcons are my boys from childhood. I'm so happy I have them updated now.

Maybe one day I'll get Titans Quickswitch and complete the trifecta. And if they ever make a new Carnivac.

Onyx Minor

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I picked up Gnaw today. I can't wait to open him up after work!


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I just got SS Jolt.

Grappling whips!!!
No additional support required, he can style on Shockwave (payback for his death in the comics)
Only if Jolt was in DOTM...
Yes, I gave him a shotgun.
These things work well as anything but whips! Oh well I guess
Figured I'd try and recreate the whips as a Ropecaster like weapon, I think it works well.
Love how with some creative posing you can make Jolt use his whips like a Meathook.
My attempt at electrocution posing, kinda works? Needs some editing to make the whips look electrified.
If you get it, you get it.

I have handled this figure for not even two hours and it is already my favorite figure of 2021, the same year where I got Dino and basically the entire S1 Beast Wars cast...


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I'm tired of not getting new toys so when I saw Pulse said they had Wreck-Gar on hand I decided to order.

If it ships before my longstanding Amazon preorder I'll drop that one.

-ZacWilliam, I'm tempted to get multiple Junkions but I want to 1) Wait and see if Hasbro does it as other Junkions and 2) see how I like it in hand first.

The Phazer

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Mirage/Grimlock arrived this morning (it's been a busy release week, my partner's tolerance is stretched). They're okay, Grimlock's head does look lovely, but both are slightly marred by weirdness (Grimlock's deco, Mirage's missile).

Still, at least they're solid molds compared to Tracks and Scorponok and Rhinox.


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Been charged for the Sideswipe/Skywarp set and the Tricranius set. That's the official TF stuff, at any rate - got some custom parts either on the way or still pending.


Found a Galvatron at a Meijer in Ann Arbor today. It's the incorrectly-assembled version, but honestly, I don't see what the fuss is. Flip the shoulders over and it looks just fine. My team member discount and a $10 MPerk coupon took a nice chunk off the price, too. 👍


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Picked up Kingdom Tracks, ER Smokescreen, and Siege Sideswipe today at the Dairycon Fall Special.


Not Crew.
Legends Topspin and Peacemaker arrived yesterday. I bought it from Robotoybase in Hong Kong, and opted for shipping w/out packaging, so I opened it up to make sure everything was correct and intact...then closed it back up, because I told my wife I'd wait for Christmas.


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Council of Elders
Latest one to show up decided to yeet Megatron


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