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Brick-and-mortar droughts are a hell of a drug.
...Man, when do we get updated Generations versions of the Multiforce/Energon Deluxe Powerlinker gimmick? =P

My last purchase is... Kingdom Wingfinger, I think. The current G1-gasm has let me look at other collectibles I've been interested, as I'm just not into the 'recreate scenes from a 35-year old movie on your desktop' gimmick right now. XP


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I've been charged for Scorponok and Wingfinger at Hasbro Pulse, and gotten shipping notification for them. Meanwhile, BBTS has charged me for G2 Ramjet, Transmutate, and the Ark.


And of course as soon as these two arrive I get another shipping notice.


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Finally gave up on finding SS86 Jazz in stores or at a discount, and ordered one on eBay for a couple bucks above retail. Also ordered Reprolabels for Jazz, Earthrise Prowl, and Earthrise Exhaust at the same time. Got Jazz this week and got everybody stickered up, and they all look great!


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Just got Transmutate from Pulse today. Also today, got shipping notices for the wave 3 deluxes, Galvatron, and the Ark. They're all supposed to be arriving Saturday.

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Kingdom Tracks is my latest addition. MP Ratchet is still on his extended layover at Customs from China.


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Rodimus has grown on me and looks much better in person than in pictures I feel. I do with they'd have given him a better "truck" mode and do like G1 did and push him further into the back and did away with the "car" look. I know they wanted him to be a complete vehicle without the trailer, as the G1 version wasn't. But it's not as bad as I expected and he'll be in robot mode semi permanently anyway


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This afternoon I bought Kingdom T-Wrecks. Having attempted to transform him, I’ve now decided to return him to the store ASAP. This is quite possibly the most frustrating Transformer I’ve ever encountered. Those damn hips.

Should have bought SS86 Slag instead. Idiot I am!


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I got the letter saying "expect to have purchased Tricranius very soon" but I just checked and I have apparently not done so yet.

-ZacWilliam, preorders do make the thread weirder.

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So wait, I've got SG Megs preordered. Tricranius is supposedly gonna be released on the same date. Should I expect Megs?

Also, I wonder if Pulse will still honor the preorder price. I got him during the tiny window where he was $29.99.

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Slag, Wreck-Gar and Gnaw arrived this morning. Slag looks lovely but god his plastic is thin in a very bad way. He feels like you might break him just by glancing at him, and generally speaking his plastic wall thickness should be twice what it is. Pretty floppy legs on mine too. I still can't quite figure out what you have to assemble Gnaw yourself. Wreck-Gar is pretty fun though his alt mode is very, very dependent on a few pegs and being a Hasbro product means his pointy bits are too soft and all over the place.


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I reordered Kingdom Rhinox.... Kinda wish I'd left that alone really. He does't hold a candle to T30 Rhinox. But I'll have T30 for bot mode and Kindom for a unhooked panel mess of a beast mode.

Realizing that Kingdom is just going to be my Beast mode displays for most of my characters excpt for the rare exception when the bot mode is better than something previously put out like Airrazor or Dinobot (considering I don't have MP Dinobot). Scale is going to be a tad messed up with MP Tigatron towering over either Rhinox and Dinobot I'd say though.
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Got Kingdom Tracks recently and opened him yesterday. Yikes, what a disappointing turd of a figure. He looks good enough in each mode but the leg assembly is terrible and the transformation is not fun.


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I got in Slag, Transmute, Rotorstorm and Kingdom Scorponok, I haven't let any of them out of their packing, YET, been to work, had my evening meal and now just chilling, I'll free them shortly, whenever that is! 😁

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