Shinzo Abe Assassinated


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Yes I think we're all aware of just how bad Japan can get once you break through the cultural fetishization we Westerners have done.

Ironbite-still, you're not as outwardly violent as some other countries.


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If you think any country of sufficient population doesn't have it's share of nutjobs, you are sadly quite naive. Japan was also extremely xenophobic until recently(still has a strong undercurrent to this day, though at least they aren't banning foreigners outright, like they were known to do back before the middle of the 19th century). It's gonna take decades, if not centuries to shift the culture away from those tendencies.

I say this as an American who knows our country is no better in our treatment of minority populations(or, heck, even a majority population when you look at how women are treated to this day)

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