Selling of some transformers , info in description

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also updated listing shrinked into one post

Oh right, Prices is typed in order of pictures

Armada megs 40 plus shipping
Soundwave 40 bucks plus mshipping
Deal: 95 for all 3 plus shipping

Ss 69 devastator, dm me to discuss prices, whole set 220 plus shipping

Transformers lot for 60 plus shipping

Armada two pack 65 bucks plus shipping, Red alert has everything but minicon, Wheeljack has everything.

Deal: spend over 120 and get a bunch of transformers figs for free (limit one person)

Bruticus, abominus
, superion 100 Plus ship
Others- 80 plus ship

Deal: order 4 sets or more and get this little damaged boat (limit one person), Look at this adorable lad

Sdcc titans return 3 pack—160 plus shipping

Walmart retro wave headmasters 4 pack—120 plus shipping

Movie 4 bee-25
Netlfix elita—25(comes with er arcee as a bonus)
Netlfix mirage—30
35th anniversary megs-45
Siege ironhide—50
Tr blitzwing—55
Siege ratchet—60
Ko masterpiece soundwave—70
Cw rescue team—100
Plus shipping

Marvel legends—200 plus shipping for everything here

Black series—50 bucks plus shipping

Everyone may or may not include their weapons, but dont worry i stuff have some of them

Everything must go
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