Seeking: Junker GenSelects Super Megatron + Energon Parts

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Cursed Punweaver
Bit of a long shot here, but my Super Megatron's right leg has a rather screwed up knee assembly, the pin's gone through the black piece at a bad angle. It's not totally ruinous, but it does leave him standing at a constant angle, and if I can get a replacement leg somehow without totally replacing the entire guy, that'd be fantastic! (Now I know why I got such a decent deal on this one, the guy selling him sure wasn't up front about the issue...)

Also looking for Energon Megatron's sword and the landing gear for his left leg as seen to be missing here. (This is the larger, wide-release Megatron, by the by.) Also after both chest guns for Energon Scorponok. If you've got the missiles for either of them as well, that'd be nice and I'll take them, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to chase them down separately.
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